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Vaginal dryness is thought to affect one in six women

Vaginal or vulvar dryness can occur in women of all ages as an iatrogenic condition (eg as a result of isotretinoin, tricyclic antidepressants, psychotic drugs, etc.) or as a symptom accompanying menopause, especially when hormone replacement therapy is not used.

During menopause, estrogen production decreases, which leads to a decrease in fibroblast activity and results in progressive disappearance of the dermis and flattening of the skin-epidermal border.

The vaginal mucosa becomes dry (the vascularisation of the connective tissue is reduced, the tissue is less moisturized and thinner, as is the whole body skin.) The decrease in the amount of nutrients supplied to the glandular cells causes their disappearance and disruption of their functioning.

The skin loses its elasticity. Collagen and elastin fibers undergo degeneration and their number decreases, followed by a decrease in fibroblast activity, the production of type III collagen increases, while the production of collagen type I decreases.

This leads to symptoms such as dryness. Loss of elasticity, flaccidity and increased skin sensitivity. The decrease in estrogen concentration causes a gradual disappearance of the labia majora, accompanied by dry vulva.



Partial or complete disappearance of the labia majora is also a common complaint.

Its essence is the disappearance of the fatty lining of the labia majora (so-called Lipoatrophy), and the generalized process of atrophy within the skin tissue. This condition may be genetic or occur in the postmenopausal age as a symptom accompanying a very advanced stage of vaginal dryness.

In both cases, the labia becomes too small or disappear completely and is not adequately protect the vulva, causing itching and discomfort, significantly hindering the daily functioning of the patient. The labia play an important role in preventing vulvar scars, especially when dressing, wearing tight clothing or doing sports (horse riding, cycling).

The disappearance of the labia may occur earlier (on average, about 46 years old). In some patients the first symptoms are observed around 37 years of age (physical predisposition, premature menopause, lifestyle, etc.)
By injecting DESIRIAL® hyaluronate acid into the skin of the labia it improves its hydration, results in biological stimulation and stimulates the activity of fibroblasts, enabling the proper functioning of the female genital tissues.



  • Hypotrophy or Atrophy and flaccidity of the skin of the labia majora and the pubic mound
    (health and aesthetics)  
  • Skin-mucosal atrophy (vulvo-vaginal) and related symptoms in the form of pruritus, dryness, withdrawal, heat, dyspareunia ... etc. (health)   
  • Relaxation and reconstruction of scars after crotch incision (health)

How it's working?

  • Reconstruction of the volume (by restoring the volume of the labia larger protection of the organs deeper and reducing infection, abrasions ...)   
  • Hydration of the skin and mucous membranes   
  • Stimulation of fibroblasts and production of new collagen

Who is this treatment for?

For women around the menopause or in childbearing age who have had insufficient hydration of the vulva with or without concomitant irritation. For women around menopausal age, during menopause or in childbearing age with a tendency or symptom of moderate or severe partial or complete disappearance of the labia majora.


  • Dryness-Irritation causing pruritus and discomfort
  • A sensation of tension and burning in women around the menopausal age-Wulwodynia
  • Moderate or significant partial or complete atrophy.
  • Complete disappearance of the labia majora


  • Biostimulation or restoration of proper hydration of the middle and deep layers of the dermis.
  • Increased volume and hydration of the skin, stimulation of collagen production by stimulation of fibroblasts (necessary to ensure proper skin filling)
  • Depletion and modeling by deep subcutaneous injection. 
  • Reproduction of two regular labia majora with the same size / volume to protect the vulva against abrasio
Hyaluronic acid is an endogenous component of the dermis indispensable for its proper functioning. It works like a sponge because I bind water molecules. For this reason, it plays a key role in ensuring proper hydration, elasticity and tightness of the skin. With age, the concentration of hyaluronic acid in the dermis decreases, which may cause discomfort associated with insufficient skin hydration. The dryness of the intimate zones is often a result of hormonal disorders that impair the mechanisms of skin hydration. The mucous membrane works better when it is properly moisturized, therefore, it is necessary to maintain an adequate level of its hydration, in order to avoid drying of the associated irritations.

Injections of hyaluronic acid improve the ability to hold water in tissues within the vulva and vagina.

Injections of hyaluronic acid allow the doctor to topple the original volume of tissue and ensure proper hydration of the skin. In addition, they stimulate fibroblast activity through mechanical simulation associated with the filling process.

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Intimate Health of Women

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