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Yellow Peel

Yellow Peel


The most well-known and well-liked peeling. The main talents of this peeling are the very high level of effectiveness and excellent aggressiveness. Yellow Peel shows the possibility of removing the epidermis at its various levels, due to which it is used both for leveling the stains, it is performed as a treatment aimed to firm the skin and reduce wrinkles, brightens and cleanses the skin. It is an effective method of fighting against discoloration caused by exposure to the sun, photo-aging or scarring.

The first phase of peeling consists in the action of salicylic and glycolic acids, which cause exfoliation, epidermal renewal and face lighting. The second phase is based on the use of active substances such as vitamin C and retinoic acid, which stimulate and stimulate the synthesis of collagen, elastin and glycosamin, thanks to which the skin becomes firmer. Three ingredients such as kojic acid, phytic acid and azelaic acid reduce discoloration and prevent the formation of new ones.

The stimulating effect of Yellow Peel provokes spectacular effects in rejuvenating the eye area.

Preparation of the skin before the procedure

It is very important to use a minimum of one week before performing the treatment with preparations that have a brightening effect, the composition of which is based on phytic and glycolic acid. The choice of home treatment depends on the skin problem:

Melazam / Cholazma: 7-10 days before the procedure should be used lightening preparations based on which is glycolic and phytic acid

Photo aging: 7-10 days before the procedure apply preparations with glycolic acid

Skin prone to acne and acne scar: 7-14 days before the procedure, purifying preparations with glycolic acid should be applied


Yellow Peel treatment

The treatment is carried out by a doctor of aesthetic medicine. The procedure is completely painless. Before the application of the peeling, the skin is cleaned with a specially prepared Pre Peel Cleanser prepayment, which is applied for 2-3 minutes and then washed with water.

The first phase of the treatment is a surface gel peeling Alfa & Beta Complex Gel, remaining on the skin from a few seconds to several minutes. The length of the first phase of the procedure depends on the sensitivity of the skin. A burning sensation is felt which is a signal to remove the preparation from the skin.

The second phase is layering the Yellow Peel. Before applying the next layer, the previous one is washed with water. The amount of applied layers is determined by the doctor, depending on the indications. Immediately after peeling, slight swelling and swelling may appear on the skin. It is a natural reaction whose occurrence affects the guarantee of satisfying results. If the doctor makes a decision, the procedure may look different.

Three days after the procedure, the skin usually begins to exfoliate to a small degree. This is not a limitation for professionally active people. Very important after the treatment is the use of protective filters and intense moisturizing of the skin.

The peeling can be repeated in 30 days for a satisfying effect.

Home treatment after the treatment

After the peeling performed, very intense moisturizing and sun protection of the skin. From the 2nd to the 10th day, only skin-moisturizing preparations with a neutral pH should be used to clean the skin. It is very important to avoid solar radiation and apply protective filters.


  • The laxity of the skin, photo aging and wrinkles
  • Wrinkles and flaccid skin around the eyes
  • Discoloration of face and hands
  • Acne scars
  • Seborrheic skin disorders

  • Pregnancy
  • Breaking the continuity of the epidermis
  • Bacterial infections of the skin
  • Herpes
  • Active sunburn




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Yellow Peel


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