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Removal of tattoo and permanent makeup

Removal of tattoo and permanent makeup

Removal of permanent make-up and tattooing has so far resulted in minor results and brought about frequent side effects. The new method, according to specialists, is much more effective than laser treatments and is less painful.


Rejuvi is a unique method of permanent makeup or tattoo extraction, which has been developed to remove completely unwanted tattoo and permanent make-up. It is a safe chemical, applied in the same way as the tattooing and permanent make-up. The purpose of this substance is to absorb pigment on the surface of the skin and form it in the form of a scabra and to carry the skin through a regenerative process. The method has been studied for over 10 years. It is successful and is used all over the world.

The Rejuvi preparation with the device is inserted into the upper layers of the epidermis. This substance softens the dye, allowing the initiation of the healing process. The substances present in the preparation are absorbed by previously pigmented epidermal cells and bind pigment. In a step-wise dye, it comes out onto the surface of the skin along with the pigment. During 2 days, a scab is formulated in the treated area, which falls off spontaneously, the skin is locally red. After removing unwanted permanent makeup or tattoo, the treatment area should be cared for with a special protective preparation. The treatment is not aggressive and causes minimal skin damage.




The treatment is effective in 92%, which is confirmed by scientific research. Perform 2-3 treatments to get rid of unwanted permanent makeup or tattoo.

  • Effectively reacts to a pigment of black, red, green or blue. It is not selective.  
  • Less pain and costs of total therapy.   
  • Low risk of scarring.   
  • The effectiveness of leveling professional pigments as well as coloring substances prepared in the "home system"   
  • Does not have a negative effect on the skin pigment (melanin) and hair follicles

The procedure is performed under anesthesia in the form of a cream. It can not be carried out near the eye, on labial red, during pregnancy and during breastfeeding. The treated area should be treated daily with Rejuvi Super Soothing Cream, or in the cases where scarring of Rejuvi Scancare Gel is suspected. The length of the treatment depends on the size of the changes. During one treatment it is possible to remove the tattoo and permanent make-up on approx. 3 cm2 of the skin surface. The interval between the next treatment should be about 8 weeks. No other method brings 100% permanent makeup and tattoo removal.

A one-time visit does not result in the final effect of the treatment. It is necessary to perform several treatments. The effect depends on the depth of the previously given pigment.



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Removal of tattoo and permanent makeup

Emoval of tattoo and permanent make-up

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