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Natural rejuvenation for a long time


What is Sculptra ™?

Sculptra ™ is the most effective preparation used in aesthetic medicine to stimulate the production of collagen. The key ingredient is L-polylactic acid, which affects the visible improvement of skin quality and restoration of the lost volume of the face. The purpose of Sculptra ™ is to improve the structure of the skin, temporarily fill wrinkles, a natural lifting to lift the falling parts of the face. Sculptra ™ restores the youthful appearance of the face improves the shape of the cheeks, fills the nasolabial folds, given in the area of the so-called "Hamsters" or drooping chin affects that the areas lacking firmness are filled, so that the skin is stretched.


What is the operation of Sculptra ™?

Sculptra ™ is a preparation that gradually improves the appearance of the skin while gradually restoring the lost volume of the skin. The effect of the treatment appears in a few weeks. During this period, L-polylactic acid, affects the stimulation of collagen production, lifting and regenerating the skin creating a scaffolding for the skin.

The gradual effect of Sculptry ™ causes that the changes appearing on the face as a result of applying the preparation are perceived by the environment as a very natural effect of a rested face, thanks to which they are not associated with a series of treatments.



Who is the Sculptra ™ treatment dedicated to?

Both men and women can undergo Sculptra ™ treatments for over a century. The treatment is dedicated to people who want to get youthful insight without interfering with serious treatments. Immediately after the procedure the patient can return to his daily activities without any convalescence.

At what age can you perform the Sculptra ™ treatment?

Research on the aging process shows that over 30 years of age in patients, fat loss at the temporal, nasolabial and lateral cheek is observed to varying degrees. These symptoms are an indication for your doctor to use Sculptra ™. The treatment can also be carried out in younger patients experiencing aesthetic discomfort. The administration of L-polylactic acid is prophylactic and slows down the involution process.

How to prepare for Sculptra ™?

7 days before the procedure, you can take supplements with vitamin K, which seals the endothelia of blood vessels, preventing internal bleeding. It has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.

One week prior to the procedure, aspirin should be discontinued.

Is the Sculptra ™ procedure painful?

The treatment is not painful, however, firstly, the local anesthetic cream is used to make the procedure proceed comfortably for the patient. The sensations during the treatment depend to a large extent on individual predispositions.

What does the procedure of Sculptra ™ look like?

Sculptra ™ may only be given by qualified healthcare professionals. The treatment is preceded by a medical consultation, during which the patient is qualified for the procedure, and determines where to apply the preparation, setting a therapy plan.

The duration of the surgery itself is about 20 - 30 minutes. Anesthesia is applied before the procedure to make the procedure comfortable. Then the preparation is applied to the right parts on the face. The injection is done with thin needles, which makes the treatment almost painless. After the procedure, the doctor performs a face massage in places where the preparation has been applied for proper distribution.
What are the post-treatment recommendations?
  • After the treatment, a regular face massage should be performed. The doctor individually determines the place of the massage and determine at what frequency it should be performed.   
  • For a few days after the treatment, exposure of the face to the sun and other sources of UV radiation should be avoided   
  • Do not use the sauna and overall cryotherapy   
  • It is not recommended to apply makeup to completely heal the skin.

What side effects can result from Sculptra ™ treatment?

Before proceeding with the procedure, the doctor discusses in detail issues related to the safety of injection of Sculptra ™.

As with other treatment procedures, the application of Sculptra ™ may affect the appearance of side effects such as pain, redness, bleeding, hematoma or a small swelling at the application site. These symptoms disappear spontaneously within 2-6 days.

How long do the effects of the Sculptra ™ treatment last?

The full effect of the treatment is noticeable after a few weeks from the time of the procedure. At this time, Sculptra ™ influences the stimulation of collagen production, lifting and regenerating the skin.

In order to achieve the full effect, this procedure should be repeated two or three times. It happens that satisfactory results are achieved after just one treatment.

The long-term treatment results are individual. It depends on the genetic predisposition, the degree of advancement of the aging process, lifestyle.

In many patients, the effects last up to 25 months. The sustainability of results is an individual matter, which depends on the level of advancement.

Long-lasting effect of the Sculptra ™ preparation


Natural effects of the treatment





  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding    
  • Skin cancers and neoplastic diseases  
  • Predisposition to the formation of hypertrophic scars    
  • Viral, bacterial infection, skin infections    
  • Autoimmune diseases    
  • Dysmorfobia    
  • Active herpes, dermatoses    
  • Acne with active inflammatory and purulent states

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