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Body piercing

Body piercing


Taking care of the attractiveness of your appearance from the beginning of existence was the main reason for people to bear greater or lesser sacrifices. For we have always adorned our body to please others, and at the same time put in a better mood. Over the years, little has changed in this matter. Before you decide to have an earring, see how body piercing is done, as well as learn about the types of piercing.

Body piercing

The tradition of body piercing is very long, it is one of the first ways to decorate it. Thousands of years ago, a man tried to put his own jewelry permanently in his body. We find out how extreme the piercing of the nose can be, by learning about the culture of the tribes living far away from civilization. Every day we meet mainly with earrings in the nose, eyebrows or tongue. People who decide on other types of piercing appear much less frequently. Regardless of whether we decide to put the earrings in the nipples, or if we only want to pierce the ears, the treatment in both cases will look almost identical. It is quite simple, because it consists in piercing a given part of the body with a needle and inserting it into the resulting earring.


Types of piercing

You can indicate many types of body piercing, to which different piercing rings are used. The variety of piercing stands out, mainly taking into account the part of the body, which we subjected to piercing.

Body piercing treatment, i.e. "Piercing" is the disruption of tissues, which results in the formation of a small skin wound, the proper healing of which depends greatly on proper care and on the preservation of special hygiene principles. Below are comments and recommendations that should be followed after the procedure:

  • After the procedure, there may be a slight bleeding, redness and swelling of varying length around the puncture site.
  • Each wound is associated with the danger of infection. Until complete healing, contact of puncture sites with potential sources of infection, eg with foreign secretions or body fluids, should be avoided.
  • The newly placed earring may only be touched with freshly washed hands.
  • Impurities or scabs to be formed should only be removed with disinfectant fluids, followed by cleansing the wound area with an antiseptic (eg Octanisept).
  • While washing the wound, it is recommended to slightly move the worn earring. The pin or earring should be rotated repeatedly in one day.
  • In the case of the oral cavity of the lips or tongue - it is necessary to rinse the mouth with antiseptic fluids or herbs (eg sage, chamomile). Rinsing the mouth is necessary after each meal.
  • Freshly made puncture should be subjected to appropriate care twice a day (cleansing with antiseptic fluid, moving the decoration).
  • Apart from moving the earring in the piercing channel, no other manipulations should be made within the pierced site until complete healing.
  • The pin or earring should not be removed too early because the holes created in the tongue tend to become very quickly overgrowing.
  • In the case of the formation of oedemas in the area of ​​the mouth, you should suck an ice cube (for example, prepared from the infusion of sage, camomile tea). Significant swelling of the tongue lasts from 3 to 5 days. After 2 weeks, you can replace the stick for a shorter one.
  • Healing should last from 4 to 6 weeks depending on the size of the decorations.
  • If you notice abnormal wound healing or possible complications, please contact your dermatologist immediately.
  • Careful care is a prerequisite for proper wound healing and protects the punctured place with various complications.

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Body piercing


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