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Plasmage® is a medical device that uses the plasma phenomenon. The generated plasma is the fourth state of matter, consisting of ionized gas containing electrons and ions, but it is completely neutral.

The use of plasma in aesthetic dermatology and plastic surgery is unusual. Innovative achievement in aesthetic medicine allows the use of plasma in the processes of rejuvenating and regenerating the skin. Plasmage® enables non-invasive removal of skin lesions and other imperfections. It has become an alternative during the treatment of diseases that have undergone treatments of the scope of plastic surgery, such as eyelid correction (bluffflare).

The use of plasma in aesthetic medicine

Treatments using plasma allow for non-invasive removal of wrinkles, discolorations and imperfections of skin lesions. It is an excellent alternative in the treatment of diseases that have previously been eliminated using a scalpel. A special advantage of treatments using plasma is that patients can function normally the next day, returning to their daily activities.

The effectiveness of Plasmage® treatments

Research has shown that the effect of the treatment is almost immediately visible and is comparable to surgery, and the recovery time is much shorter, just a few days. Plasma perfectly advises signs of skin aging, is an indication for the elimination of wrinkles resulting from the loss of collagen and elastyl fibers. Also used as one of the methods of face lifting. Another group of defects, in which the use of plasma brings very beneficial results, is eliminating all types of skin eruptions caused by acne.

In addition, treatments using Plasma are widely used in the treatment of various diseases such as: yellow tufts, lentigo spots, liver spots, vitiligo, fibroids, scars, stretch marks, warts.


The principle of Plasmage®

Plasmage® is based on the production of ionized matter that resembles gas. Plasma generation takes place by means of electric discharges, with high energy density, leading to an increase in temperature at the site of action, resulting in controlled evaporation of the superficial layers of the skin. Plasma generated by ionization of gas induces the renewal of the surface tissues thus creating a lifting effect. Plasmage® works precisely, precisely at the site undergoing surgery, without any additional impact on the surrounding healthy tissues, and thus without affecting the deeper layers of the skin.

What distinguishes Plasmage®?

In the interest of safety, reduction of complications among other plasma technologies existing on the market, Plasmage® has developed as the first device using the plasma phenomenon that enables work in fractional mode. Thanks to such a unique solution, treatments become safe, effective and at the same time very precise.

The advantages of Plasmage® technology

  • The advantage of the Plasmage technology is its effectiveness at a time when other methods, such as laser or electrosurgery, are not feasible or the effect after these treatments would be unsatisfactory.
  • The advantage of the Plasmage® device is its small size, which makes it very mobile. It is equipped with a multifunctional head, thanks to which treatments are carried out.    
  • The six-step possibility of precise adjustment of the energy intensity is adjusted individually, due to the type of change and its size.  
  • The device operates in four modes, from single to multiple

Plasmage® work modes


Indications for Plasmage® treatment:    

  • Non-invasive eyelid surgery - blefaroplasty; (upper eyelid plastics, lower eyelid plastics)   
  • Removing wrinkles located over the upper lip - so-called "Smoker's lines"    
  • Removing flaccid skin around the knees and elbows   
  • Treatment of hyperkeratosis, or hyperkeratosis of the epidermis    
  • Face lifting;    
  • Elimination of stretch marks   
  • Removal of scars;    
  • Plasma peeling   
  • Supportive therapy in acne    
  • Treatment of warts and other skin lesions (yolkomas, fibromas)    
  • Reducing skin discoloration    
  • Lentil stains    
  • Tufts of yellow    
  • Eliminating physiological skin discolorations (hepatic spots, vitiligo)   
  • Removing minor changes on the skin

The effects of the Plasmage® treatment

Plasmage® is a non-invasive alternative to surgical procedures. The effects and effectiveness of this method is compared to the same procedures of plastic surgery, this procedure is non-invasive. Currently, it is the safest and most effective treatment for drooping eyelids. The advantage of the Plasmage® treatment is a very high level of safety:

  • does not damage the deeper layers of the skin,    
  • does not cause bleeding,    
  • does not cause deep interference in tissues,

The effects of the Plasmage® treatment are noticeable almost immediately after the surgery. The final effect of the treatment is visible after the irritation disappears, which may appear immediately after the procedure. The period of convalescence after the procedure is not long. On the second day after the procedure, it is possible to return to daily activities.

Blefaroplasma - eyelid surgery with the use of PLASMAGE® can be defined as a non-invasive eyelid surgery, resulting in the improvement of impaired functions, reconstructing deformity, improving the appearance. It can be a repair or cosmetic (aesthetic) treatment.

Blepharoplasty, significant drooping of excess skin from the upper eyelashes (pseudo-ptosis) and surgically induced eyelid sagging as a consequence of correcting drooping eyelids.

Acquired eyelid sagging, caused by the separation, stretching or rupture of the crane aponeurosis. Prolonged blepharoplasty is known as ptosis / ptosis involution in people with anatomical changes due to age. Dropping the brow lines to such an extent that excess tissue overlaps the upper eyelid. The plasma generated by the ionizing gas causes the renewal of the surface tissues, thus resulting in a lifting effect.

The course of the procedure

  When the patient is properly prepared for the procedure, the procedure is painless and without bleeding. The treatment is painless, in order to increase the patient's comfort, it is recommended to apply anesthesia in the place undergoing the procedure before the procedure. The time of the procedure depends on the treatment area and the extent of the changes. In the case where the procedure is carried out around the eyelids, it is carried out while maintaining their full mobility. Practically, the procedure is not associated with the risk of complications.

What does the skin look like right after the treatment?

Side effects after surgery are harmless and disappear in a short time, some patients may experience slight swelling of the treated area. Immediately after the treatment gentle irritation, edema and scabs appear completely after 7-10 days. On the second day you can return to your daily activities. After the procedure the patient is informed about the postoperative recommendations by the person performing the procedure.

Post-treatment recommendations

To prevent adverse effects, proper care of the skin after the treatment is recommended, it is recommended to wash the face with delicate non-irritating agents, apply compresses soaked in saline solution (0.9% NaCl), use sterile vaseline several times a day, until complete healing and using creams accelerating the processes Regenerative skin, e.g. Zinalfat. Protect the face using sunscreen, avoid sun exposure and tanning.

Contraindications to the procedure:

  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding654przed-i-po-plazma.jpg
  • Active inflammation and infection of the skin
  • People with skin disorders
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Pacemaker
  • Implants in the area of the procedure
  • Patients during treatment with anticoagulants
  • Malignant neoplasms (skin cancer, melanoma)


The effects of the treatment








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Upper eyelid

800.00 zł


Lower eyelid

600.00 zł


Upper + lower eyelid

1200.00 zł


Wrinkles around the mouth

800.00 zł


Removal of acne scars

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Removing birthmarks

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Removing warts

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Plasma facial peeling

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Wrinkles at the ears

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Removing yellow tufts

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Liquidation of flaccid skin around the elbows

600.00 zł


Liquidation of flaccid skin around the knees

800.00 zł


Stretch marks

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