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Cavitation peeling

Cavitation peeling


Cavitation peeling is a motoda used for painless and deep cleansing of the skin, it is performed by facial cleansing. Removal of impurities, dead skin cells occurs in a safe and devoid of side effects.

This treatment involves cleansing the skin through ultrasonic waves. It enables the exact removal of excess sebum from the dilated hair follicles, getting rid of keratinized epidermis, and bacteria.


Cavitation peeling removes impurities from the skin surface acting only in the aquatic environment. At the end of the spatula after contact with the liquid (water + tonic) arises the phenomenon of cavitation - implosion of liquid bubbles, which with great strength are reflected from the surface of the spatula and cleanse the surface of the epidermis. In addition, they scarify (open) the mouths of the sebaceous glands, which helps in manual cleansing. The ability to set the device operation parameters: intensity and frequency of ultrasound emission, it is possible to individually adjust the parameters for each type of skin from thin and sensitive to thick, seborrheic. Antibacterial activity destroys the pathogens of bacteria responsible for the formation of comedones and acne

It is a painless procedure usually felt as pleasant. Cavitation also has a positive effect on the deeper layers of the epidermis, it is an excellent introduction to further cosmetic procedures.

Before doing the cavitation peeling, remove the jewelry. It's worth giving in to cavitation peeling just before starting other cosmetic procedures. The skin after this cleaning process is properly prepared, smoothed.

First effects:

The effect of cavitation peeling is immediate. Already after the first treatment the skin is smoothed, brightened, without irritation. In addition to freshness, the skin gains circulation as a result of oxygenating, moisturizing and rejuvenating micro-massage with ultrasonic waves. As a result, the skin stimulates its cells, forcing them to natural renewal.

For many women, a cavitation peeling is pure relaxation. The treatment also allows the skin to be prepared so that it can better absorb the used creams and conditioners. However, these are not the only advantages of cavitation peeling.

The effects noticeable after the procedure:

  • acceleration of skin regeneration
  •  removal of dead epidermal cells
  • brightening discolorations and pigmentation spots
  • shallow scars
  • removal of excess sebum, bacteria from the skin surface
  • support in the treatment of acne
  • improving blood and lymph circulation
  • accelerating and increasing the absorption of skin care cosmetics
  • supporting the production of collagen and elastin
  • rejuvenation, refreshing and regeneration

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