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First Lift Barb 4d

First Lift Barb 4d


First Lift Barb 4D technique

First Lift Barb 4D is a unique PDO thread with an innovative system of microscopic hooks. So far, the hooks were located only on one side of the thread, now the hooks are arranged densely around the thread, are directed in two directions, so-called. four dimensions, hence the name of thread 4D. The thread is much thicker than traditional PDO threads, which significantly enhances the lifting effect. The thread length varies and is adjusted individually from the patient's needs.

The thread implantation technique is safe, fast and easy to carry. It does not require any skin to be cut from the person carrying out the treatment. The thread is inserted using a needle-cannula or cannula with a trocar directly into the subcutaneous tissue. Before proceeding with the procedure, the previously determined area is lubricated with an anesthetic cream. Then local anesthesia is administered to eliminate discomfort accompanying the pro
cedure. After inserting the thread, the hooks open and lift the falling tissues providing the effect of a strong facelift. The procedure takes about an hour. The only sign of the surgery is slight redness.

Much fewer patients decide about extensive lifting procedures. More and more often they decide to carry out less invasive rejuvenating and revitalizing treatments using first soluble First Lift threads made of polydioxanone. This is due to the fact that patients do not want to undergo extensive surgery and have to deal with the problem of postoperative scars. Methods are much more prevalent due to which we do not see signs of undergoing surgery. The treatment has no contraindications and brings a small risk of any complications.

The idea of ​​First Lift Barb 4D treatment

Immediately after the surgery, we see a clear smoothing of wrinkles and improvement of face contours. This is due to the mechanical effect of the implanted thread. Threads placed under the skin work like flexing muscles, supporting the subcutaneous tissue. The next stage uses the biomedical properties of polydioxanone. Approximately 14 days after the surgery, the neocollagenesis process begins - an active stimulation of the production of new collagen responsible for skin firmness and tension. The stimulation of fibroblasts contributes to the activation of elastin-protein synthesis having a responsibility for elasticity and elasticity of the skin, thus obtaining a new 'scaffolding'. The conducted in vivo study also concluded that polydioxanone affects the synthesis of hyaluronic acid. The synergistic effect makes the treatment effects long-lasting and spectacular. After about 24 months, the threads dissolve in the tissues. The treatment area thanks to all the above processes of stimulating the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid after natural dissolution of the thread again does not drop. The aging process, however, is not stopped, but it is still in slow motion. For the most satisfying results, it is recommended to repeat the treatment every 2 years.

Thread First Lift Barb 4D is recommended to patients from the age of 30. Loss of firmness, skin tension and change of the face's oval shape are indications for surgery. Excellent results are obtained when lifting the chin and eyebrows, changing the contour of the jaw line and cheeks. Patients who would like to improve the appearance of other parts of the body, traditional PDO threads are recommended.

Advantages of First Lift BarbD treatment:

  • Immediately noticeable lifting effect up to 1.5 years
  • Painless and quick treatment
  • Safety of the procedure - no scars or cuts
  • No need for special preparation for the procedure
  • Beats are completely absorbed by the body
  • The procedure can be repeated
  • No detectability and visibility of the thread





Up to now, the following types of PDO threads have appeared on the market:

  • First Lift - a thin thread designed to improve the elasticity density and delicate skin structure.
  • First Lift Screw - the thread indicated for the stimulation of thicker skin.
  • First Lift Barb - a thread equipped with small hooks that are bi-directionally converging to a gentle lifting and revitalizing the skin.

    To achieve satisfactory results, it is recommended to combine First Lift Barb 4D treatments with alternative rejuvenation methods in aesthetic medicine such as filling with hyaluronic acid. Lifting threads and volumetric treatments complement each other easily. The implementation of several such procedures significantly deepens the effect according to the principle 1 + 1 + 1 = 10. According to many aesthetic medicine doctors, PDO First Lift threads are the best alternative to traditional surgical lifting thanks to minimal invasiveness and no side effects. The variety of thread sizes and sizes allows for versatile use. They provide the basis for claiming that the coming years of aesthetic medicine treatments will be dominated by treatments using PDO First Lift threads.




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