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Aptos threads

Aptos threads


The Aptos rejuvenation method was discovered at the beginning of the 21st century, and until today it has been systematically developing and improving, presenting a wide range of possibilities to correct the fall-out soft tissues, restoring their original position. Places with relatively thin skin or a small layer of adipose tissue require careful and gentle preparation, thanks to the Aptos Thread technology it is possible.
Safety and Effectiveness of Aptos Thread

Extensive experience and the gathering of scientific knowledge by prominent doctors, during many years of research on Aptos technology in implanting the thread, allowed the development of a sensational product intended for armirowanie face, body and delikaty areas - Aptos Excellence.

Aptos thread technology through the use of densely woven threads allows to create a scaffold soft tissue scaffolding forming the so-called protective armor.

The effect achieved after the surgery can be easily comparable with surgical intervention, while the surgical technique is much simpler, comparable to an injection. It is extremely economical, one package of Excellence Visage threads enables the development of cheeks on both sides of the face (a total of 20 lines).

What are Aptos Threads made of?

The threads consist, inter alia, of polylactic acid (L-lactic), which causes an additional rejuvenation effect, activating the revitalization of the skin and slowing down the aging process. The Caprolac threads are absorbed in 360 days.

What distinguishes the Aptos technique?

Innovation-improved thread structure by modifying the thickness of the micro-spatulas, their distribution along the thread and the angle of attachment. These changes have contributed to the strengthening of the thread, their application is even more effective. A new type of thread with knots has been created, intended for armirowania face and body in places where there is very thin skin and a small amount of body fat.

What distinguishes Thread Aptos?

  • Instant result. The effects are noticeable immediately after the procedure. The skin is more smooth and elastic. Over time, the effect of the treatment strengthens and the results last up to 2 years.    
  • A short convalescence period.    
  • Minimal interference. The invasiveness of the procedure was minimized for the first time. Facial correction can be performed from 1 injection point, leaving no traces of the procedure.    
  • No risk of tissue damage. Specially developed for the threads of the Excellence series minikaniele finished in a rounded end that penetrate without damaging the tissue.    
  • The length of the 15 cm thread allows the needle to be inserted at the edge of the hairline, making the injection site immediately invisible after the procedure.

Who are the treatments for using Aptos Thread for whom?

The Aptos methods are dedicated to both women and men. People who have an active lifestyle, who expect a short recovery period after a rejuvenating treatment.

What are the indications for using Aptos Thread?

  • Tilted aging facial skin  
  • Deep wrinkles, lion wrinkles,   
  • Crow's feet, mimic wrinkles   
  • Lost face oval  
  • Saggy hamsters   
  • Dropping corners of the mouth, eyebrows   
  • Velvet skin on the neck, neckline, breasts, arms and thighs   
  • Skin lacking firmness

What are the types of Aptos Thread?

Aptos Thread Technology offers nine different categories of bioabsorbable threads and five types of solid threads made of polypropylene.


Bioabsorbable threads provided with microvessels for rejuvenation.

Aptos offers absorbable Excellence Body threads for lifting treatments and modeling and rejuvenation of the body. Unlike all other threads available on the market for body revitalization, the Aptos Excellence Body threads are designed for lifting, ie lifting tissue. In the period of 1-1.5 years after the implantation of the thread, they are completely dissolved, releasing polylactic acid, the task of which is the additional revitalization of tissues and strengthening their structure. The effect lasts approx. 2 years




What distinguishes and what is the use of Excellence Body Thread?

Perfect Body Threads are implanted in a very friendly way for both patient and doctor way. They are equipped with blunt-ended cannulas that do not damage tissues. Each thread has a length of 25 cm. The threads have been specially designed to rejuvenate the skin, especially considering the structure of the skin and subcutaneous tissue. Implantation of the long strand - 20 cm with micro spouts allows for spatial armirowanie (creating a subcutaneous frame of thread) areas lacking skin firmness, in which prophylaxis against skin and soft tissue deposition - antiptosis - is indicated.

The use of Aptos Excellence Body threads strengthens the tissues, making them smooth and flexible, improves their quality, which is especially recommended for people who have thick skin or body areas occupied with cellulite.

Aptos Excellence Body enables cost-effective adjustment to the expectations, needs of each treatment area, i.e., lifting the inner thigh and shoulder sides, lifting, modeling and breast compaction, smoothing the percolator folds.

Treatments with Excellence Body threads are safe, easy to carry out, guaranteeing patients satisfaction with the problem of loss of firmness, tissue dropping and reduction of fat tissue in the above-mentioned areas, in which it is often impossible to propose an effective, alternative method.

Treatment areas:

  • the inner side of the thighs,   
  • the inner side of the shoulders,   
  • stomach,  
  • bust


Bio-absorbable threads with knots designed for skin rejuvenation

An innovative type of thread with a much thinner structure than traditional Aptos threads. They have a special form on the shape of knots instead of micro spouts. Special knots fixing themselves in the soft tissue secure the thread preventing it from slipping.

What distinguishes and what is the use of Excellence Contour?

Excellence Contour threads affect the stimulation of fibroblasts for the production of new collagen as well as the process of neoangiogenesis or the formation of new blood vessels. Fibrous tissues that affect the attachment of the skin in its proper position are also formed. The use of these threads is indicated in the correction of changes resulting from the aging process of the skin, in particular in the delicate areas of the lips, eyes, neckline and neck, it can also be successfully used in any treatment area on the body.


Treatment areas:

  • around the eyes,   
  • around the lips,    
  • chin,    
  • neck,    
  • cleavage


Bioabsorbable threads provided with micro spatulas designed for arming soft tissue


Excellence Elegance The use of these threads is a non-surgical lifting treatment of the face or body area. Threads Type Light Lift (with traditional microfill placed in a traditional way) is carried out in order to correct changes resulting from the effects of aging. This technique is the first of the methods Aptos allows for armirowania soft tissue.

Bioabsorbable thread with micro spouts is implanted under the skin subcutaneously in soft tissue with the minimum number of puncture points. It is inserted through a special needle into the guide to the correct point.

The doctor individually selects the area of thread implantation and their number depending on the patient's needs.

Treatment areas:

  • face,    
  • neck,    
  • stomach,    
  • the inner side of the thighs,    
  • the inner side of the shoulders,


Bioabsorbable threads with micro spatulas designed for rejuvenation


Excellance Visage is a precursor to a small degree of invasive treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine. The threads threaded with a cannula are equipped with a special, new type of tabs, mounted opposite each other, thus creating a spiral around the thread. Thanks to the specially developed technology, unique, patented threads of the Excellence Visage line are equipped with projections that guarantee precise adhesion in the tissues (awarded with the Pearl of Aesthetic Dermatology 2013 in the "Non-surgical Lifting" category) despite the introduction of a straight line, enabling tissue displacement in order to guide them to the right place.

What distinguishes and what is the use of Excellence Visage?

Each thread perimeter is directed in the opposite direction to the preceding projection, thanks to which they are firmly embedded in the hypodermne, thus grouping the tissue in each micro thread section. Threads longer 15 cm allow you to correct all areas of the face. Proper implantation technique, correctly selected vectors, allow effective fight with critical signs of aging such as "hamsters". The insertion point can be made in an invisible place at the extension of the eye line or at the border of the hairline.

The thread is located in the cannula, equipped with a new type of micro spouts, it allows two subcutaneous transitions. The entire set of threads allows the thread to be implanted in 10 lines on both sides of the face.

Treatment areas:   

  • eyebrows,  
  •  area of ​​the cheekbone,   
  • jaw,   
  • neck

How to prepare before the surgery

  • One week before planned surgery, it is recommended to use arnica and vitamin K and C. supplementation.   
  • One week before the surgery, stop using blood thinners (aspirin, salicylic acid, etc.)   
  • At least 48gods. do not consume alcohol before surgery.   
  • On the day of the surgery it is best to come on an empty stomach or after eating lightly digestible meals.   
  • Avoid smoking or strong coffee before the procedure.

What does the procedure look like?

The treatment is performed by a doctor. Before the planned treatment, the doctor conducts an accurate interview with the patient regarding past and current diseases in order to qualify the patient for the procedure. During the consultation the entire course of the procedure is discussed in order to ensure the patient's safety. Explains to the patient the course of the procedure, its expected results, risk and possible complications. The written consent of the patient is obtained for the procedure.

The treatment lasts 30-45 min, so it is a relatively short procedure. The procedure is carried out under local anesthesia, which is given at the thread entry and exit points. No incisions are made, and no surgical suturing is performed. The patient may feel slight discomfort, but this is a fully tolerated symptom.

A little elastic skin, in a few cases, may require the use of hiauronic acid to compensate for the raised skin surface. The effects of the treatment can be improved by other treatments of aesthetic medicine such as botulinum toxin or hyaluronic acid.

When will the effects be visible and how long will they last?

The final effect of the treatment is visible after two weeks. The Aptos thread treatment eliminates the risk of scars and unexpected complications. The treatment area may be tender and slightly swollen.

The treatment effect with Aptos threads is from 12 to 24 months for bioabsorbent threads. In the case of solid threads, the effects last up to 5 years.

The long-term maintenance of the effects of the treatment is a very individual matter, depending on individual predispositions and many other factors.

Recommendations after the procedure:

  • During the first 6 hours after the surgery, apply cold compresses to the treatment area.   
  • The first three days are recommended to sleep on the back.   
  • Control visit after 7 days after the procedure. 
  •  Antibiotic cover for a period of 5 days after the procedure.   
  • During 3 weeks after the procedure limit excessive facial expressions,  
  • Avoiding any risk of face injury,
  • Hair and face can be washed without any contraindications,  
  • Avoid consuming, chewing hard products, excessive and vigorous mouth opening for 4 weeks after the procedure.  
  • The patient should avoid exposure to UV radiation for one month after the procedure
  • Do not use the sauna or pool for a month.


  • Bad health condition. 
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding.   
  • Infections (bacterial, viral, fungal).   
  • Coagulation disorders.   
  • Cancers.   
  • Autoimmune diseases.   
  • Patients with personality disorders and unrealistic expectations.   
  • Chronic Kelons.   
  • Excessive fat tissue or a thin layer of tissue.   
  • Allergy or proven reactions to the biomaterials used for the surgery.

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