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Mesotherapy Croma products


The operation of needle mesotherapy is based on injection into a specific area of the skin. a small amount of drug substance containing, among others plant extracts, microelements, vitamins, hyaluronic acid, oligoelements with zinc, silica, they are injected

Needle mesotherapy has been developed so that ingredients with a large molecule that does not penetrate through the stratum corneum are easily administered to the appropriate layers of the skin. Intradermal injections containing individually selected active ingredients that contribute to increased cellular metabolism, stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin causing revitalization of the skin. They improve microcirculation and lipolysis in the subcutaneous tissue, reduce cellulite and reduce stretch marks, reduce hair loss in patients with baldness problems.

Mesotherapy of the eye area - LIGHT EYES ULTRA


Innovative revitalizing cocktail, which is the only one among available preparations on the market, it is able to cope simultaneously with shadows under the eyes, swelling and wrinkles. It contains active ingredients - hyaluronic acid, beetroot, blueberry, rosemary, vitamin C and hexapeptides - thanks to which it improves microcirculation, increases the elasticity of the skin around the eyes, removes fine wrinkles and reduces the volume of liquids collected around the eyes, responsible for edema.

Basic ingredients:

  • Ruszczyk - has a beneficial effect on the blood vessel system, has a strong toning effect. In addition, it has strong drainage properties.
  • Blueberry - a source of antioxidants that make skin cells more flexible and durable. They inhibit the action of many enzymes responsible for the destruction of collagen and reducing the elasticity of tissues. Antioxidants also have a positive effect on the walls of blood vessels. By reducing the level of glycoproteins accumulating there, they help normalize immunity and vascular flexibility.
  • Rosemary - has toning properties and stimulates circulation, thanks to which it acts anti-oedematous, increasing the effectiveness of drainage.
  • Argireline® Alphabet - a unique new generation peptide that extremely effectively smoothes mimic wrinkles and prevents their formation. Unlike botulinum toxin, it is non-toxic. It works at the level of neuromuscular synapses, reduces facial muscle tension and suppresses excessive contractility of fibroblasts, thus reducing the pressure on collagen and giving the effect of relaxation. Argireline® also regulates the production of catecholamines that promote the formation of mimic wrinkles. The substance is based on six amino acids, it is a safer and milder alternative to Botox.
  • Hyaluronic acid - the ingredient that determines the effectiveness of this unique combination.


  • price under the eyes
  • eyelid edema
  • correction of thin wrinkles


Mesotherapy for scalp - HAIR REVITALIZING


Hair + Revitalizing is a unique revitalizing formula, designed to deal perfectly with different types of baldness - male and female - regardless of its cause. The preparation improves the condition of the hair weakened by stress, weather conditions, hormonal disorders, diet, aging of the body or infections. Active substances contained in the cocktail - phosphatidylcholine acid, riboflavin (vitamin B2), dysmutase peroxide, amino acid complex - prevent hair loss, regenerate their structure, stimulate hair follicles, and also cause the multiplication of new cells.

The HAIR + formula is used in mesotherapy treatments. The method of safe injection is introduced directly into the scalp. The first effects are visible after 2-3 sessions performed at regular intervals. Baldness is suppressed, the hair becomes stronger, regains its glow and elasticity. For best results, a series of treatments is recommended. After obtaining satisfactory effects of the treatment, the preparation for prophylaxis can be continued.

The high effectiveness of the preparation is the result of carefully selected ingredients:

  • Phosphatidylholine acid - increases and stimulates the multiplication of several cell types and works in the cell cycle, especially in the G1 and S phases. Stimulates the growth and multiplication of the epithelial cells of the hair bulb, activates the hair growth phase. It stops the restraining effect of TGF-b1, which activates the hair growth phase.
  • Riboflavin (vitamin B2) - a substance of vegetable or animal origin (leafy plants, liver, heart, kidneys and milk derivatives). It plays a protective role for hair, eyes, skin, nails and muscles. It is part of a number of oxidation-reducing enzymes that intensify metabolic processes in the body, necessary to provide cells with energy, including hair bulbs cells.
  • Dioxutase peroxide - a component obtained from melon seeds, acting directly as an antioxidant on the immune system. It prevents the formation of free radicals and the effects of external destructive factors: electromagnetic, chemical and environmental pollution.


  • male and female hair loss
  • male anterior-parietal baldness
  • alopecia areata
  • baldness caused by UV rays, stress, infections, and poor nutrition
  • hair loss after pregnancy and during menopause

Mesotherapy for face and body skin - IDEBAE ANTIAGING


The product has a lifting effect, visibly tones and tightens the skin of the face or body. It reduces wrinkles, reduces folds and creases, is also used to revitalize hands, feet, chin, and corners of the mouth. The active formula of the cocktail contains an extremely strong antioxidant - idebenone (a synthetic variant of coenzyme Q10, which delays the aging process of the skin), DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol, causing immediate lifting) and hyaluronic acid, stimulating connective tissue for the production of fibroblasts - cells responsible for the production of collagen and elastin.

Basic ingredients:

  • Idebenone - a powerful antioxidant and anti-aging substance. In contrast to the natural coenzyme Q10 - in hypoxic conditions - idebenon retains antioxidant functions, without causing free radicals that destroy the body's cells. In other words, idebenone meets the properties of coenzyme Q10 without the risk of oxidation.
  • DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol) - a strong regulator, a derivative of the vitamin B complex. It causes immediate lifting and quick, temporary smoothing of wrinkles, in fact consisting in the rapid swelling of the skin tissue cells - fibroblasts. It increases the firmness and elasticity of the skin, as well as weakens the aging process and improves its overall condition.
  • Hyaluronic acid - a compound responsible for binding water in the epidermis, is a component of the dermal matrix of the dermis. The level of hyaluronic acid in young skin is high, which guarantees its hydration, elasticity and smoothness. With age, the amount of hyaluronic acid decreases, and the skin ages, loses elasticity, wrinkles appear. One molecule of hyaluronic acid is able to bind 250 molecules of water.


• firming the skin of the face or body
• reduction of wrinkles, folds and wrinkles
• revitalization of the hands, feet, chin and corners of the mouth


Body mesotherapy (thighs) - PROSHOCK SHAPE


An innovative preparation for combating cellulite in all its phases, especially fibrous cellulite and sagging skin. It contains collagenase, plant enzymes and metabolic activators. The most important component of the preparation is collagenase - an enzyme from the group of metalloproteinases, which breaks down the collagen fibers present in the connective tissue. The product is very safe, it can be administered both directly to the adipose tissue as well as the surface. Proshock Shape, thanks to collagenase, also improves the structure of connective tissue, thus modeling the figure.
The American Society of Plastic Surgery has conducted clinical experiments with collagenase seepage, yielding very good results. The study showed that there was a significant reduction in cellulite in the area of ​​the body undergoing treatment. The area of ​​cellulite decreased by 74% after 1 week, by 89% after 1 month and by 86% after 3 months. Proshock Shape collagenase in cellulite treatment is completely safe, and the best results are combined with Revital Celluform treatments.

Basic ingredients:

  • Collagenase - an enzyme from the group of metalloproteinases, which breaks down the collagen fibers present in the connective tissue.
  • Rosemary - promotes cardiovascular stimulation, increasing the effectiveness of drainage.
  • Sodium hyaluronate - moisturizes the skin, improving its tone and firmness.
  • Papaya extract - firms the skin, nourishes it and provides vitamins.
  • Linoleic acid - is responsible for the proper hydration of the skin, it is a component of the intercellular stratum corneum cement.
  • Caffeine - improves circulation in the skin, which facilitates its detoxification and increases oxygenation of tissues. Caffeine itself also acts lipolytically on adipose tissue in the subcutaneous tissue.

• cellulite treatment in all phases


Body mesotherapy - REVITAL CELLUFORM


A modern slimming formula used in mesotherapy treatments that effectively combats local obesity. Its effect can be compared to mild liposuction - it allows you to model your figure in a fast, safe and unobtrusive way. The active ingredients contained in the preparation - soy extract, deoxycholic acid and nicotinic acid (vitamin PP) and mineral compositions - lower cholesterol, dilate blood vessels and improve blood microcirculation, inhibit the retention of water in the body and fight accumulated fat deposits locally. The skin becomes smooth and better oxygenated.

The cocktail is used in mesotherapy treatments. The appearance is improved after the first session, however, it is recommended to perform several treatments. Visible results are noticeable after a few or several weeks of surgery and can last up to 3 months. The best results are achieved by regular sessions, repeated every 3-6 weeks. Revital Celluform perfectly complements exercise and diet. It is recommended for slimming patients, for whom physical activity is not enough to fight the cumbersome, difficult to remove fat accumulation.

Basic ingredients:

  • Soy extract - a source of lecithin that greatly reduces fat. Used in medicine as an anti-cholesterol and anti-triglyceride drug, it has recently been used in cosmetology in cures for obesity and cellulite. Soybean extract is a natural substance - safe and well tolerated by the body - which helps eliminate fat and convert it into energy. The effect of this active contribution are slimmer buttocks, tighter thighs and shoulders and a narrower waist.
  • Deoxycholic acid (Deoxycholic acid) - in the human body, this acid is active in the fat suspension in order to obtain absorption (absorption) in the intestine.
  • Vitamin PP (Nicotinamide) - nicotinic acid that reduces cholesterol. It dilates blood vessels (can cause redness and hot flushes) and raises blood pressure, which has a positive effect on cellulite reduction.


  • Obesity and local fat deposits   
  • Cellulite   
  • Poor microcirculation of blood   
  • Tissue hypoxia


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