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Meso BB Glow

Meso BB Glow


Meso BB is a world-famous treatment aimed at illuminating the skin and masking its imperfections. The innovative formula of specially designed ampoules has been saturated with natural pigments that allow you to achieve the effects of indelible makeup, permanent effect of radiant and illuminated skin. The serum effectively replaces the common coloring fluid and successfully replaces the daily make-up.

Meso BB This is the latest mesotherapy treatment that will brighten your skin and make it more even. Impress all with immaculate and radiant skin. Look every day as if you were ready to meet the love of your life! Meso BB is a world-class serum used to illuminate the skin and mask its imperfections. The innovative formula is full of natural pigments and provides the effect of makeup and illuminated, radiant skin throughout the year. Thanks to the use of pigment and highlighter, the skin shows a natural glow and effectively reflects natural light. The serum effectively replaces the usual fluid or foundation and everyday make-up.

Ampoules for the meso bb treatment, except for giving a beautiful healthy color to the skin, show many nurturing functions. They also contain high-concentrated hyaluronic acid and nutrients, enhancing the effects of therapy.794in-stock-whitening-bb-cream-foundation-beauty.jpg_350x350.jpg

Meso BB is:

  • illumination of the skin and giving the effect of illumination
  • leveling gray, dullness and skin fatigue
  • eliminated discolorations, freckles and hyperpigmentation
  • unification of skin tone
  • correcting the effects of photoaging (age spots)
  • shadow correction under the eyes
  • reducing the visibility of scars and stretch marks

What are the advantages of the procedure?

  • non-invasive and comfortable during the procedure
  • safety for all skin types (also for very sensitive and problematic skins),
  • comfort and luxury (the ampoules are very rich in active ingredients, thanks to which immediately after the procedure
  • gives a feeling of strong hydration and relaxation of the skin),
  • multitasking (combines the effects of various treatments and works

Recommended for people:

  • with a matte and gray complexion,
  • with post-inflammatory and hormonal hyperpigmentation,
  • with signs of photo-aging, with lentil stains
  • with tendencies to redness (vascular skin)
  • uneven coloring, with freckles,
  • with dry, oily skin
  • as anti-radical therapy,

The effects of the treatment:



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Meso BB Glow


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Face + Neck

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