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Laser discoloration removal

Laser discoloration removal


Modern technologies enable effective removal of discolorations, i.e. freckles, melasma, lentigo and post-inflammatory stains regardless of their color and depth in the skin. Discolorations are skin imperfections that arise as a result of excessive production of skin pigment - melanin. Most skin lesions do not improve our appearance, which is why so many patients decide to remove them. What's more, the laser also stimulates the skin to produce collagen and renew. As a result, the skin becomes rejuvenated, the skin becomes even and the structure is smoothed

Laser treatments are a method increasingly used to treat skin lesions. The light emitted by the laser precisely hits the pre-defined area of ​​the skin. The energy emitted contributes to the breakdown of the pigment in the skin into small particles - those that are possible to be removed by the body. The effectiveness of the treatment depends on from the extent and depth of discoloration. Surface patches, that is, those that are located in the epidermis, eg. Freckles, are the quickest to eliminate. It is much worse with deeper pigmented lesions and those that were created on the hormonal background. There are, of course, changes disappearing after one treatment, but most often a whole series is needed - each subsequent treatment makes the discoloration become brighter. In order to obtain satisfactory results, it is suggested to perform a series of approximately 3 to 4 treatments at monthly intervals.


How does the procedure work?

During laser treatment individual stains and discolorations are exposed. The laser light is absorbed by the accumulated places of melanin, which absorbs energy and breaks into smaller pieces of pigmennt. Such a finely divided dye is self-removed by the body.

After treatment.

Immediately after the laser treatment discolorations take on a darker color, and after a few days the skin in these places may begin to exfoliate. Remember to protect it from the sun during this time and use SPF 30-50 filters. This procedure is required after each laser treatment. , For up to 2 weeks, avoid hot baths, use the solarium sauna, sunbathing and perform scrub, chemical scrubs.


  •  spots, age spots, sun spots  
  •  freckles  
  •  any discoloration of the skin after treatments, treatments, peeling  
  •  Cafe A Lait changes


  •  skin cancers 
  •  ongoing therapy with steroids, isotretinoin (Izotek, Curacne, Aknenormin) and retinoids (Roaccutan, Accutan 
  •  taking herbs and photosensitizing medicines, eg marigold, horsetail, St. John's wort, antibiotics, antidepressants 
  •  photodermatoses 
  •  peeling cosmetic treatments, filling wrinkles with hyaluronic acid (4 weeks   
  • chronic inflammatory dermatitis (psoriasis, atopic dermatitis) or skin inflammation
  • viral and bacterial infections   
  • tanned skin, using self-tanning creams and self-tanning  
  •  another laser or IPL / VPL treatment for the same area in the last 6 weeks, e.g. epilation   
  • pregnancy and lactation period  
  •  reduced immunity of the organism

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