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Fractional laser CO2

Fractional laser CO2



CO2 lasers are used outside of medical dermatology, in anti-aging treatments, wrinkles, age spots and scars. The most effective, safe and versatile method used in aesthetic medicine to improve the quality and appearance of the skin is fractional laser therapy. The main advantage of fractional technology is the restoration of skin firmness, leveling of wrinkles, discolorations, scars of all kinds, stretch marks. Coal fraction CO2 treatments are performed on all parts of the body. It is a great, safe and effective tool for the treatment of sun damage, persistent pigmentation, acne scars and post-operative scars, rough skin, enlarged pores, wrinkles and laxity of the face, neck, chest, arms and hands. The skin is smoothed, fresh and definitely looking young, with a uniform color. These cosmetic benefits increase the value of treatments for skin diseases such as sun damage, scarring or pigmentation.
The CO2 fractional laser is a type of ablative laser, the action is based on the phenomenon of coagulation. The scanning head allows the emission of a beam of light creating on the skin microdamages delimited by healthy tissue. In the skin, the water heats up and evaporates, the skin continuity is disturbed and the collagen fibers are disturbed in a punctual way. The pulses emitted by the laser were divided into thousands of small streams with high energy, penetrating to a depth of over 2mm. The regeneration process takes place very quickly, and the synthesis processes of new eslatin and collagen fibers are stimulated. The tissue at the site of the MTZ zones is removed. The tension and density of the skin is significantly improved, thanks to which the lifting effect is achieved. After one treatment with ablative fractional laser, a significant improvement in skin condition is noticeable. The result of improving the quality of the skin is noticeable over time, due to the active process of collagen production.

Before proceeding with the procedure, anesthesia in the form of an ointment is applied to a given area of ​​the skin for a period of 30 minutes. Immediately at the time of laser operation, white spots appear on the skin. Within a few minutes, white spots on the skin are transformed into erythematous spots that are compared to erythematous changes. There is also spot or multifocal bleeding that occurs at the time of surgery. The resulting erythema lasts on average up to 3-5 days. At high power values, in addition to the resulting ruddy, swelling can persist up to 7 days or longer. In the case of bleeding, crusts appear on the skin, which disappear after 7 days. During the first few days, the skin may turn brown.
The period of skin regeneration after surgery is about one week. During this time, the skin returns to its normal state, with noticeable improvement in skin condition. The effect of the treatment increases over time, from 3-6 months there is an increase in new collagen and elastin, at which time the skin is constantly changing. The resulting points cause long-lasting skin injury. A pro-inflammatory inflammation is induced as to the size of the area in which the craters were formed. Within one to three days, depending on the size of the resulting crater, the space is filled with granulation tissue, the formation of which is initiated by fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are responsible for the formation of collagen. The process of neocollagenesis and remodeling of the skin begins, which lasts 30 days. However, neocollagenesis itself lasts even several months after the procedure. Permanent remodeling of collagen occurs over a period of at least 3 months
after treatment. During the 8th week, collagen type III is observed in the dermis. Type III collagen occurs in fibroblast tissues during healing of wounds, before the formation of type I collagen.

In order to achieve much better results of the procedure, it is recommended to repeat it, the time when the next procedure should be performed is determined by the doctor. It is recommended to perform a series of 3-6 treatments with 1-1,5 mesage space.

Procedure after the procedure:

After the treatment, skin care is very important, using gentle, moisturizing and regenerating creams, eg Cetaphil Ps, Zinalfat, Panthenol, Cicalfate Avene Hydrabio Bioderma. The face should be regularly sprayed with thermal water to relieve the burning sensation. It is very important to protect the sun's skin, for this purpose you should use sunscreen with SPF 30-50. During the convalescence period, makeup is not recommended. Avoid hot baths, sauna visits.

Before starting any cosmetic and medical treatment, an important element is the interview with the client, in order to correctly qualify for surgery and exclude contraindications. The procedure is carried out throughout the body, and most often on the face, neck and cleavage.

Aesthetic indications:

Dermatosurgical indications:


  • resurfacing - "bags" under the eyes   
  • stretch marks    
  • removal of acne scars, burn marks, post-traumatic scars, and surgical scars    
  • rejuvenation of the face, neck and neckline of the hands    
  • smoothing and eliminating wrinkles    
  • improving the tension and firmness of the skin (laser lifting)    
  • sagging skin   
  • extended '' pores '', blackheads    
  • reduction in the laxity of the skin of the arms and abdomen (eg after childbirth, slimming)    
  • age spots, discolorations, pigment changes, chloasma,    
  • alignment of skin tone,    
  • traces of tattoo removal


  • condylomata acuminata    
  • Viral warts: hands, feet,    
  • seborrheic warts    
  • sweat,sebaceous adenomas   
  • vascular granulomas    
  • fibroma
  • tufts of yellow  
  • millet, groats    
  • actinic keratosis   
  • nodular itch   
  • pearly clods   
  • skin corner  
  • corns, calluses,


  • fresh tan 2 weeks before the procedure   
  • taking medications with retinoids    
  • using and taking preparations with photosensitizing herbs (St John's wort, calendula)    
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding    
  • active viral and bacterial infections    
  • fillers at the site of the procedure    
  • acne in the active phase (if the procedure is performed on the face)    
  • metal implants in the body, a pacemaker in the area of the procedure    
  • cancer


Leave a grade:


CO2 fractional laser


1200.00 zł


Face + neck

1200.00 zł


Face + neck + cleavage

1500.00 zł


Neck + cleavage

900.00 zł



from 300.00 zł


Laser CO2 + PRP - Face + Neck

1800.00 zł


Eye area

600.00 zł

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