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The skin owes its color to dye - melanin. Melanin is produced in melanocytes, pigment cells found in the epidermis. These cells have special structures called melanosomes, where melanin is formed. It plays an important role to protect the skin against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. Excessive accumulation of melanin causes brown or brown spots, especially in exposed areas such as the face, cleavage, hands, arms. The factors favoring the formation of pigmented patches are the skin aging process, which is a consequence of excessive exposure to sunlight, a certain individual propensity and the effect of hormones (pregnancy, birth control pills).


Dye patches are problematic. Dark spots are the reason why more and more people are applying for aesthetic medicine or cosmetology treatments. This problem can be solved with appropriately selected treatments.
Dermamelan is currently the most effective discoloration treatment compared to depigmentation therapies available on the market. In 99% of cases, the intensity of the spots is reduced by 95%. It is good to make the patient aware that although the discoloration practically disappears, he can see the shadow in the place where it was previously located. This is a subjective feeling. If treatment with the preparation; will be discontinued, discoloration may reappear because the therapy does not eliminate the tendency to hyperpigmentation, it only interrupts it.

Mechanism of action
The mechanism of action of DERMAMELAN is based on the use of substances that inhibit tyrosinase, a key enzyme in the formation of melanin. Several of the substances present in DERMAMELAN work by blocking this enzyme, or reverses metabolic changes in the chain. Both the mask and the DERMAMELAN cream contain the same qualitative composition. A higher concentration of depigmenting substances is found in the mask. High concentration aims to create an increased gradient of depigmenting substances in the stratum corneum - strengthening the passive diffusion of active substances. It allows to obtain an effective concentration of depigmenting substances inside melanosomes.
Dermamelan contains a higher content of active ingredients than Cosmelan and contains salicylic acid (which is not in Cosmelan). The difference in composition may suggest a greater affinity of Dermamelan for seborrheic skin, but Cosmelan also works well with this type of skin.

Dermamelan therapy scheme

Stage I
Runs in the office. It consists in applying a mask of Dermamelan 1 to the skin. The mask stays on the skin for several hours, after which it is washed off by the patient at home. The mask application time is 5-10 hours and is determined depending on the skin type.
Stage II
It consists in continuing therapy at home with Dermamelan 2 cream. This allows you to maintain and deepen the effect of the treatment. Continued treatment at home guarantees the durability of the results of therapy started in the doctor's office and allows for effective removal of hyperpigmentation.
Although at the end of the first week a clear improvement in skin condition and lightening of discoloration will be visible, the treatment must last at least 3 months. Shortening the therapy may return you to the initial state and you will need to repeat the treatment.
One-time DERMAMELAN® treatment allows to obtain effects similar to those obtained after Cosmelan treatment, with a greater safety profile.
Active ingredients:

azelaic and kojic acid - they inhibit the synthesis of tyrosinase, a key enzyme in the formation of melanin, have antibacterial properties, regulate sebum production,
alpha arbutin - inhibits the synthesis of tyrosinase,
rumex canadensis (occidentalis) - an extract of sorrel, a plant covering the prairies of northern Canada. Has strong tyrosinase inhibiting properties, has anti-flush properties
Tyrosinol complex - a tyrosinase inhibitor, inhibits melanin synthesis,
Aloe extract (Aloe Barbadensis) - soothes, relieves irritation, rejuvenates
licorice extract (Glycyrrhiza glabra) - has antibacterial properties and accelerates healing of inflammation,
niacinamide - has anti-inflammatory properties,
bisabolol - rejuvenates
ethoxydiglycol - rejuvenates, increases the penetration of other active ingredients,
salicylic acid - antibacterial,
vitamin E - an antioxidant,
vitamin A - rejuvenates, increases cell renewal,
vitamin C - antioxidant, stimulates collagen synthesis, strengthens blood vessels.

Possible side effects are predictable and moderate. They are transient. The most common are skin peeling, tenderness and redness for about 7-10 days. Some people experience a temporary increase in acne lesions. In the event of non-compliance with post-operative recommendations, new skin discolorations may occur or existing treatments may fail.
Post-treatment recommendations:
The most important is the continuity of therapy. Avoid exposure to sunlight during this time. The use of solarium is contraindicated, as it may induce subsequent discoloration and interfere with the treatment of existing ones. When exposed to sunlight, use SPF50 sunblock creams. Without consulting, do not use any topical medications, except for moisturizing / oiling preparations. Sometimes cold compresses help.
Indications for surgery:
• discoloration
• Chloasma (hormonal discoloration)
• Freckles
• Age spots
• Sunspots
• Pregnancy and breast-feeding
• Ringworm at the site of the planned surgery
• Viral and bacterial infection
• Allergy to any component of the preparation
• Herpes
• Tendency to develop keloids
• Treatment with vitamin A derivatives

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