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Reliable and one of the most famous and popular peels.

medical scrub Yellow Peel  face

This is one of the most famous and popular peels. Its main advantages include high efficiency and minimal aggressiveness. Yellow Peel can remove the skin at different levels, so it is used both to reduce discoloration, as firming anti-wrinkle treatment as well as purifying peeling and brightening the skin.

The Tables of stage work peeling glycolic acid and salicylic acid – induce exfoliation, skin renewal and illumination face. In the second phase of retinoic acid and vitamin C act as a stimulant – stimulating the production of collagen, elastin and glycosamino, so the skin becomes firmness. The three other components: phytic acid, kojic and azelaic destroy the existing blemishes and prevent new ones.

Yellow Peel stimulating effect gives great results in rejuvenation eye area.
The preparation of the skin prior to surgery
The rule is applied by minute. 7-8 days before surgery preparations bleaching glycolic acid and phytic. Treatment in preparation for surgery depends on skin problem:

  • Melaza / Cholazma: 7-10 days before surgery brightening use products based on glycolic acid and phytic
  • Photoageing : 7-10 days before the procedure to apply preparations based on glycolic acid
  • skin prone to acne or acne scars : 7-14 days before surgery cleansing preparations used on the basis of glycolic acid

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What is the procedure Yellow Peel?
Yellow Peel is a procedure performed by a physician and is completely painless. Before peeling the skin is purified preparation Pre Peel cleanser that is applied for 2-3 minutes, then washed with water.

In the first phase of the surgery is performed gel peeling surface Alpha & amp; Beta Complex gel which remains on the skin from several seconds to several minutes, depending on the sensitivity of the skin. During this phase, the patient most often feels burning and is a signal to remove the formulation.

Yellow Peel then applied layer-by-layer .. Each layer is washed off with water. The number of layers determined by your doctor, depends on the indications for surgery. Immediately after peeling may or may not need to appear redness and slight swelling of the skin – these are normal reactions, and their appearance guarantees the achievement of good results. Procedure may look different if your doctor decides to carry out an individual protocol.

As a rule, the 3rd day of the surgery begins with a small peeling of the skin, which is not a limitation for people professionally and socially active. After the treatment, it is important to intensively moisturizing and protecting the skin.

Peeling can be repeated every 30 days until the desired effect, or in the manner prescribed by the doctor.

When do Yellow Peel?

  • Small wrinkles and loose skin, photoaging
  • The wrinkles and saggy skin around the eyes
  • The discoloration on the face and hands
  • scars and remnants of acne
  • Seborrheic skin disorders

Home treatment after surgery
After peeling Yellow Peel is very important to intense moisturizing and protecting the skin. From 2 to 10 days after treatment the skin should be washed only means of pH-neutral, grease the skin. Avoid the sun and always use physical protection filters.

Your doctor should inform the patient about the possible contraindications to perform peeling.

  • Do not use during pregnancy
  • Do not apply to damaged skin, with herpes or at the place where scars are present herpes
  • Yellow Peel can induce strong inflammatory reaction of the skin, erythema and burning sensation.
  • Avoid strong sun and always use protective filters physical Facial C Sunblock SPF 30/50

Treatment Yellow Peel requires a good patient-doctor contact because of the need for compliance after surgery.