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depilacja What makes that so many people are opting for epilation? For natural hair removal decide today almost everyone. We do this primarily because a beautiful and well-groomed believed to smooth skin. Fashion on the skin not covered with hairs has continued for many years. Currently, depilatory treatments also carry men. In part, they do, in part, their partner, more than hairy, appreciate the smooth male skin.

The course of treatment waxing
Let’s start with the fact that waxing treatments may be made in several ways. Depilatory this type are two types of waxes: warm and cold. Waxes cold need not be heated, so you can buy them in stores and use them at home. Waxing is one of the treatments that offer almost all beauty treatments. Removal is carried out in the home and in the office looks like. The treatment begins with skin application of one of the types of waxes. After evenly distributed it on the skin, we wait a while until it gets hard. Then, firm diverting it from the skin. Wax adheres very closely to the skin and covering her Italian, stick to it. Tearing wax, together with the Italian cast off from the root. It is important to wax tear as soon as possible. With free detachment, he feels the removal of every single Italian. Waxing is painful, but most practicing her people, says the pain sensations diminish with each successive treatment.

Effects waxing
The effects of waxing are invaluable. It is for them, so many people are opting for temporary sufferings of plucking hairs with root. The fact that the Italian is not cut, but removed from the root makes the effects of waxing are so satisfactory. First of all, after this treatment, the skin is perfectly smooth. There can be felt on the microscopic remnants of the severed hairs. The Italian removed from the root grows back very slowly. After waxing, a few weeks you can enjoy smooth skin.

Indications and contraindications for waxing
Indications for such hair removal are each hair of the skin, but especially hair thick, dark and dense. Shaving such hair, only enhances its growth, thickens it, stiffens and strengthens. Contraindication to waxing, there are all kinds of dermatitis, purulent and sensitivity to the mechanical removal of hair.


What part of the body can remove hair wax?

Wax depilated virtually all parts of the body (legs, underarms, bikini area, arms, back, chest, eyebrows, mustache, chin).
Wasik – 15,00 PLN
Beard – 15,00 PLN
Pacha – 25,00 PLN
Hands – 45,00 PLN
The whole leg – 90,00 PLN