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01c Innovative thread Absorbable a facelift

Happy Lift is a new way of regaining youthful appearance of the face. Unlike the traditional facelift, thread Happy Lift do not require treatment with a scalpel and guarantee immediate effect. The patient comes to the clinic in the morning and leave it on the same day – but 10 years younger!

Recovery transient youth has never been so easy and secure.

Skin aging is inevitable, starting as early as age 30, a process associated with changes occurring throughout the body. Moreover, in contrast to our organs and systems of internal human skin is subjected to a further everyday action of the sun and other atmospheric agents. With the relaxation of tissues, face wrinkles appear and the skin becomes slack – particularly around the eyebrows, eyes, cheeks, jaw and neck.

Until now, the traditional facelift unfortunately require much invasive surgery, often entailing numerous, annoying and very dangerous side effects. Fortunately, there is a new effective alternative that should revolutionize this segment of the patented medicine estetycznej- thread Promoitalia Happy Lift Revitalizing.

Their use is almost non-invasive and does not leave his face no visible traces. But most importantly – the effectiveness of thread Happy Lift is as high as traditional methods. Contrary to conventional threads, Happy Lift products have a microscopic hooks with a unique length and density, which enable economies of lifting and firming the skin. Thus, after implantation, the thread begins to act as a scaffolding for the flabby skin and skin firming effect is already apparent immediately after the surgery. In time, natural threads are dissolved in the body after 12-15 months of treatment, and the positive effects on the skin are maintained for a period of up to 2-4 years.

The use of thread Happy Lift is recommended especially for those aged 30 to 60 years who want to rejuvenate your face and at the same time avoid invasive surgery.

Threads are used in the Happy Lift have a mark of quality and safety CE, and permission for use of this product from the Ministries of Health, and many other authorities around the world.

Various types of thread Happy Lift are adapted to several different surgical techniques depending on the implantation site on the skin of the patient’s needs and expectations.


Free Floating – regaining a youthful appearance of the skin in a short time, without scars. Simple, fast and secure method, which consists of non-invasive introduction of the thread. The result is a face-lift sagging cheeks and neck. Free Floating method requires no incision – thread are inserted under the skin using local anesthesia.
The effects are visible immediately after surgery, and the thread form a scaffold for sagging facial skin. Hooks present in the strands and affect the firbrozę, thereby increasing the level of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin. The effect of the thread becomes even more evident in the period from 2 to 10 months after surgery.

Double Needle – speed and simplicity, balanced results. In this technique is used absorbable strands with the hooks arranged in two directions, so that Double Needle help lift sagging skin, eyelashes, neck and jaw without the need for cutting, and the same strands are placed on the skin without requiring additional needle, as a special needle guide
They are arranged in-each end of the strands. Physicians can therefore make the thread more easily, using a semicircular motion and loops, thus ensuring more effective maintenance of symmetrically distributed tissue mass. Entering strand thus becomes easier, reduces treatment time and provides faster healing.

Ancorage – stop time using a facelift. Threads Ancorage are ideal for minimally invasive mid-face lift. The technique provides long-lasting effect without scars, surgical intervention and the need
general anesthesia and a hospital stay. Used here suture hook, which at one end is a guide, and the other – the thread cylindrical. The doctor performs only a small incision around the ear, through which introduces the thread toward the chin and jaw, creating a special scaffolding for tissues. In this way, hooked thread form a sort of “umbrella”, which naturally raises the delicate tension flaccid facial tissue.

Unique biocompatible material 02c

Absorbable made of polycaprolactone, sutures Happy Lift have excellent biocompatibility. They soak in a period of 8-12 months, followed by a slow hydrolyzing by autologous. The degradation process produces molecules of low molecular weight that stimulates production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. This increases the hydration and elasticity of the skin and the lifting effect lasts for up to several years. Caprolactone expressed by the formula: (CH2) 5CO2 – is a colorless liquid that is dissolved in most organic liquids. In the polymerization process the target material is formed on a thread: polycaprolactone (PCL) – synthetic, semi-crystalline, fully biodegradable polymer. Thanks to its biocompatibility (decomposed by hydrolysis of the ester) and the high thermal stability has been widely used biomedical research.

The safety and efficacy recommended by the best specialists.

Proper flossing Promoitalia Happy Lift allows you to achieve amazing clinical results with surgery to correct drooping eyebrows, skin flabby middle part of the face, cheeks, jaw or neck. I can say with a clear conscience – results comparable to those achieved by the use of clean surgical techniques.

The Happy lift is safe (does not require cutting the skin, leaves no scars) and is not as complicated as face lift technique.
The whole procedure takes just 30 to 60 minutes.

Results are visible immediately after the procedure, the full effect is achieved after 4-8 weeks. Lifting effect can be seen up to 2-4 years, depending on the predisposition of the patient’s health. The treatment does not alter the natural function of the skin, drooping skin tissues are only moved (the appearance of the patient will be rejuvenated by more than 10 years). minimally invasive procedure The technique of lifting Happy Lift can be performed in a doctor’s office.

It required the use of local anesthesia. After the treatment with a short rest, after which patients can return to their activities. The only contraindications to perform the procedure are:

  • poor health
  • sagging facial tissues
  • excessive amount of body fat or thin layer of tissue
  • deep wrinkles (in conjunction with other procedures such hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin, lasers, peels and mesotherapy).

Care after surgery made by Happy Lift , you should not strain the facial muscles for the first 2/3 weeks. We do not recommend sports massage and facial for at least one month after surgery. Technique Happy Lift may be used with other techniques for aesthetic medicine and surgery (eg. Lipo-face lift, resurfacing, or laser method for the regeneration of skin on the face blanking the outer layer by a laser beam and so on. ) and filling wrinkles with hyaluronic acid, injection of botox and liposuction.

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