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nucleonix Lipofilling /liposowing – volumetry face their own fat stem cells

Stem Cells

Stem cells are cells characterized by a potentially unlimited number of cell divisions and the ability to differentiate into many cell lines.

The properties of these cells makes them potentially important tool in medicine. The best-known source of mesenchymal cells is the bone marrow but the number of cells obtained in this way is relatively small.

An alternative source of mesenchymal stem cells, stromal, in addition to bone marrow, periosteum, muscle or joint film seems to be fat. This tissue like bone marrow is of mesodermal origin and contains a heterogeneous population of stromal cells and its undoubted advantage is the availability and abundance.

The cells obtained from adipose tissue have many features in common with cells from bone marrow: the ability of adherence to plastic, the formation of colonies of fibroblast-like forms, a high proliferation capacity and the ability to form from other germ layers, eg. Derived from the ectoderm neurons. What makes it an excellent material for the development of cell therapy.

The use of regenerative stem cells and adipose tissue.

Potential applications of this method seems to be almost unlimited – by removing wrinkles or acne, the treatment of all kinds of scars using the same stem cells. Lets get satisfactory facial volumetric effect already during the first treatment, further improving the condition and quality of the skin of the face and neck (this is important in aesthetic and anti-aging treatments).

The treatment involves modeling Liposowing face and hands fat cells zbogacone own stem cells, taken from other parts of the body. Stem cells obtained from adipose tissue requires two treatments at the defined time period.

Added own stem cells transplanted fat cells in addition to increasing their bioavailability result in improved quality and elasticity of the skin, increase its voltage (natural facelift), smoothing wrinkles and the elimination of most spots. Besides, after surgery Liposowing with their own stem cells and regenerative there is almost no swelling and bruising and the recovery process is much faster and more comfortably.

It is worth noting that the collected adipose tissue and transplanted to a new location, the stem cells have excellent regenerative properties.

The effects of the first treatments using stem cells are extremely promising.

The three biggest advantages of this method are:

  • noninvasiveness (the cells are retrieved and served extremely delicate method)
  • durability (treatment effects do not disappear with time, so there is no need to repeat the procedure)
  • and safety (using the patient’s own cells excludes transplant rejection and minimizes the risk of infection.)

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