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Elastic threads for beauty treatments. Innovative and Non-surgical way to improve your beauty very quickly and for a long time.

Spring Thread will give you what you can not receive from other threads: effective solution for a long time to reduce the loose skin of the face. Spring-Threads are the result of many years of research and are an effective solution for removing effects of loose, falling face for a long time.

Increased safety
Spring-Threads are made of medical polyesther which is biocompatible material. Medical polyesther has been used mainly in implants for over 50 years therefore technology is safe, stable and neutral.

Longer durability
For yours internal peace, it is crucial to choose threads so you could look younger for a longer time. Spring-Thread technology produce long-term effects. Threads are very elastic and flexible, they are increasing their length along with muscles. Application lasts only couple of minutes and after that you can forget about them for many years.

100% french guarantee
Spring Thread is a french product for aesthetic purposes. Every stage of its production is controlled what guarantees the best posssible quality of product and therefore treatment.
Spring Thread is exclusive and patented method that increases dynamics of tissue growth and their stabilization. Face no longer look still. Thanks to preserving tissue flexability effect is natural. Threads are colourless and their application is fairly simple and scarless.





  • No general anesthesia
  • No scars
  • No contraindications (ex. smokers)
  • Limited risk of infection
  • Safety: no need of surgical procedure
  • Vertical positioning: without changing face characterstics
  • Efficient solution for three parts of a face if correctly applied
  • Low price


Before procedure

After a month



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