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RF + is a device that operates using radio waves. However, unlike earlier devices using this wave, it is a device which works painlessly. A radio wave in the skin produces heat so that the collagen fibers shrink and thicken. The effect is immediate, once we see it as firmness, increase and thickening of the skin.

Suffers most women are just the arms. Sometimes, despite the exercise and the use of appropriate formulations of age and under the influence of gravity the inner side of the arms slug begins to sag. Collagen fibers stretch and it is very difficult to deal with this problem. Until now, mostly on the blemish has been used, however, laser or IPL procedures are painful and can not be followed by sunbathing.
In the case of the arms, after surgery to RF device, we note the liquidation of “loose” skin flabby inner side of the arms. Through the use of radio waves on fatty tissue in this area we can also fight fat and cellulite. Although exercise is very difficult to remove the accumulated fat around the arms by heating the fat cells brings it to the distribution and thus for metabolism is excreted from the body. We can thus very quickly model the line of the shoulders and reduce inequalities cellulite. An additional advantage of the use of this device is that soon after surgery can sunbathe and expose arms. The skin is taut, toned. There is no irritation caused by overheating.
If we want to expose beautiful arms should care about them before this problem occurs because the treatment is recommended for women aged 28 and 60 years old.

Around the eyes
Fastest improved with treatment to RF. In addition to thickening of the skin and thereby reducing wrinkles improve circulation or remove bruises and fatigue, through appropriate work equipment on the forehead and brows raise the eyelids. If the accumulated fat pouches and no one knows what to do, the radio wave in the RF + for sure it will remove. No need to heal scars after surgery because they do not exist, you can easily see the effect and even if we are tired of it after us can not see.

We often see people who have a beautiful face, almost perfect tense, without wrinkles and a scarf around his neck! Plastic surgery cope well with his face, neck, however, is there is not possible to perfectly stretch the skin … RF + is a device that perfectly cope with this drawback it can be accurately develop skin on the neck and it thicken, you must also remember that on the neck first excess skin is then when slimming and it loose, saggy neck “pulls” oval face down – do not be such neglect.

Card women, they betray the true age, blemishes, freckles, excess skin. Creams, masks, paraffin are beauty treatments. They are important, but it is not enough to permanently stretch and thicken the loose skin on the hands. RF + is able to immediately improve the appearance of your hand. This is evident when we do one hand and compare with the other, then they look like two different people hands of the younger and the older it is hard to believe but it’s worth the effect to see.

RF – creates a momentary heat and gently stretching the collagen fibers which gives an immediate response or shortening them in the important role played by cooling the head. The corresponding movement of the head increases the collagen fibers spirals upward. As a result, we have an immediate effect of raising and thickening of the skin.

  • The dermis – lifting + density
  • Adipose tissue -wyszczuplenie + lifting

RF – supplying heat to the desired skin areas, heated fat, fat cell leading to its decomposition and the possibility of entering the membrane to the outside. Then in metabolic processes it is eliminated from the body. RF empties and reduces fat cells. It also works all the time in the dermis where it stimulates collagen rejuvenation. After the treatment is visible smaller body size and reducing inequalities cellulite.

Applications :

  • improve the contours of your face and chin
  • firming the skin structure
  • shortness of deep wrinkles
  • reduction “bags” under the eyes and “crow’s feet”
  • rebuild collagen
  • therapy to prevent starzeniu- prevention
  • reducing hyperpigmentation
  • reduction of pollution, enlarged pores, and inflammation


  • cellulite reduction
  • reducing body fat
  • body firming
  • raise the buttocks
  • slender waist
  • elimination of “loose skin” on its belly and inner thighs
  • rejuvenation of hands and feet


  • RF enables the use of different methods depending on your needs
  • specialized heads used for treatments in different parts of the body, adjust the shape of the human
  • pulse frequency radio waves is dispensed by computer control
  • dwudolarowość additional safety system
  • collagen fibers are heated to a temperature. 45 ° C – 60 ° C, which is the most appropriate for the efficiency and safety of treatment while
  • intelligent touch screen for convenient and simple operation
  • harmless and painless treatments
  • equipment manufactured in compliance with international standards, RoHS
  • using advanced US technology
  • The long-term effects



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Treatment for eyes
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