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The removal of a tattoo or permanent makeup has so far been painful, ineffective and associated with numerous side effects. Now we have a new method, according to some experts, it is much more effective than laser and less painful.

Rejuvi – the most efficient method of removing the tattoo and permanent makeup CORRECTION

Rejuvi – is a unique method of extraction tattoo or permanent makeup, which was designed in such a way as to completely remove a tattoo or permanent makeup.
Rejuvi is a safe chemical, which the application is done in the same way as making a tattoo or micropigmentation procedure. Its purpose is to absorb the pigment onto the surface of the skin, accumulating it in the form of crust and carrying out of the skin by complete regeneration process. Research on the development of this very effective method lasted over ten years. For years, it is used successfully all over the world.
Preparation manual Rejuvi with the device is inserted into the upper layers of the skin, softens the dye and allows the immune system initiate the healing process. Substances contained in the preparation are absorbed by the pigmented epithelial cells and bind the pigment. Dye out gradually to the skin surface with the preparation. Then, within two months on the subject of therapy portion of the skin creates a scab that after some time he falls off and the skin flushed locally. Place a removed tattoo for a few weeks to be nurtured by a special protective cream. Rejuvi treatment is mild and causes minimal damage to the skin.


Pros – Methods Rejuvi

  • The effectiveness of 92% confirmed by scientific research, enough 2-3 treatments to become a successful
  • Do not respond selectively to any color, which means that just as effectively acts on pigment black, green, red or blue
  • The lower costs and less pain – much cheaper and less painful than other more invasive methods
  • Very low risk of scarring.
  • Equally effective with respect to professional pigments and coloring substances made “house system”
  • There is no negative effect on melanin the skin and hair follicles.



  • Treatments tattoo removal and permanent makeup are made
  • anesthesia.
  • The surgery should not be performed in close proximity to the eye, on the surface cheilitis, during pregnancy and breastfeeding,
  • Place the treated should be absolutely dry and nurtured daily special preparation Rejuvi Super Soothing Cream suspected or scarring preparation Rejuvi Scancare Gel.
  • The length of treatment depends on the size of the tattoo
  • once you perform the procedure removal of about 3 cm2 on the surface of the skin.
  • The period between treatments should be min. 8 weeks.
  • No method gives 100% guarantee and tattoo removal is a process that is spread over time.


TO DELETE OR PERMANENT MAKEUP TATTOO – This procedure is difficult and beneficial effects depend to a very large extent on the accuracy and workmanship of the original procedure and the depth at which it was introduced pigment.

A one-time visit can not give the final result and may need several visits.
The amount depends on the time of performing surgery and surfaces.


Price for the procedure – from 300,00 PLN