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02Podiatry is a new discipline concerned with medicine dealing with foot care specialist. With treatments chiropody should benefit mainly the patients limited mobility, suffering from skin diseases, bone and joint pain, metabolic diseases (diabetes, rheumatism), patients with defective setting foot and deformities of the toes (hallux, toes Krogulcza), with symptoms on the feet, such as: fingerprints , modzelami, warts, as well as having ingrown or fungal toenails, sweating feet, cleft on his heels.

Give your feet the hands podologa. Podolog detects lesions on the feet and carry out the appropriate treatment or refer you to an appropriate specialist. Interview and survey podologiczne allow early detection of threats and refer the patient to the appropriate medical specialist which increases the chances of stopping further pathological changes, not only in the foot.
Podolog is prepared for professional service-risk patients, such as diabetes, hemophilia or reumatycy. It occurs as a consultant providing guidance regarding foot care and use of specialized cosmetics. He has expertise in the application of basic pharmaceutical, prosthetic offload vulnerable feet using special bandages and orthoses.


We offer the following treatments: podologia-2

  1. Basic treatment – cleansing and care of nails and removing excess keratinized epidermis.
  2. Correction of nails thickened.
  3. Correction of ingrown nail dressings.
  4. Treatment of fungal nail as an adjunct to pharmacological treatment and improving aesthetics.
  5. The reconstruction of the nail plate after injuries or damage to fungal infection.
  6. Ortonyksję, or treatment and correction of ingrown nail clasps dobieranymi individually depending on the problem.
  7. Removal of viral warts.
  8. Remove calluses and corns.
  9. Treatments healing cracked heels.
  10. Care diabetic foot.
  11. Selection of orthoses.
  12. We provide guidance on proper home care – the selection of the most appropriate preparations and how to care for skin and nails.

Ingrown Toenails
Ingrown nails are now very common problem, which is why it is very important prevention and proper care. If you have a problem with ingrown nails, be sure to contact the office specialist foot care for quick intervention.
The most effective are staples wire and plastic, which in the hands podologa they are an excellent method, which would ease the pain to the patient.
A common problem especially in men, and physically active teenagers is ingrown toenail.
Reasons ingrown nails are many, but the pain very severe! Inflammation of the nail, purulent exudate and acute pain are the reasons that make you go to a surgeon who proposes to remove all or part of the nail. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, unfortunately painful and disabling the patient at a time of active life. Ingrown nails can be treated noninvasively with very good results.
The solution is to establish a corrective brace.

Buckles – success in the correction of ingrown nails
History braces for correction of ingrown nails dating back over 60 years. They affect diseased nails through the flattening of the nail or nail growth track change. Clamps are selected to nail the customer depending on the size of the nail and nail changes.
The procedure itself is painless clamp setting, and thanks punktowemu application and individually adjustable voltage clamp force leads to immediate pain relief.


When to use:

  • with ingrown nails and recurrent states


Clamps for ingrown toenails are also used in children over 5 years of age.

Prevention of ingrown nails
For small ingrown nail, a good method is to use tubes. They allow control of the path of expansion nail and is effective in the case where ingrowth due to improper shortening of the nail. Application of small tubes is not complicated and it is a completely painless procedure.

Tip Podologa
A few steps to prevent ingrown nail pathology:

  • The nails should be cut straight, without cutting corners;
  • The nail should not be cut too short;
  • The sharp edges of the nail gently przypiłować a file;
  • choose shoes properly, both in terms of size and width;
  • sports shoes selected according to the type of Sport, it’s important not to be too loose;
  • regularly visit the office of Congress, this is particularly true for people with diabetes;
  • in case of a sudden increase in weight (eg. pregnant) used prophylactically tamponade;
  • Appropriate care products, including those that soften the nail plate;
  • never wait for tightening the state, to go for help after noticing the first symptoms.

Bursting heel
Cracked heels are a cosmetic defect, but above all dangerous, painful ailment. It can scorch people of all ages, not just the elderly, but also young girls.

The reasons for cracking heels:

  • very dry skin
  • improper shoes
  • overweight
  • genetic factors

Developing heels, it involves abrasion of the epidermis using special tools (eg. Scalpels) and properly selected cutter, depending on the depth of the crack. A key element of prevention is properly executed therapeutic pedicure treatment, but do not forget the appropriate selection and care of heels using specialized cosmetics.

Callus is a fireplace hyperkeratotic skin, or excessive keratosis, which are usually formed on the sole of the foot under one of the heads of the metatarsal bones. Calluses usually form on bony prominences, mainly in the sole of the foot (on the heads of the metatarsal bones) and heel. Modzele should be removed because in addition to the unsightly appearance over time can cause pain, and loss of skin elasticity and resulting cracks can cause fungal infections, viral or bacterial infections. They manifest themselves hyperplasia of the epidermis, at the most oppression.


  • inappropriate shoes (too tight)
  • standing work
  • inappropriate cutting przyrosłego skin

Calluses is the most common ailment carpet for people spending most of their time standing. The treatment is painless removal is to develop an insole with an appropriately selected cutter. The treatment must be repeated regularly.

Ailment may appear at any age, regardless of the type of activity and job preferences. It is a painful, swollen mass of epidermal characterized by a black spot in the middle of the bulge, resulting in constant pressure on this place. Black point arises from incorrect separation of the stratum corneum, which may aggravate the pain. They formed usually on the toes, where the bones are more prominent and cause abrasion of the skin of the shoe, land or other bones. Grubiejący corn increases the pressure on the inner layer of the skin. It happens that the stratum corneum, which can not be separated, creates a core penetrating the skin, increasing the pain. If the fingerprint ignites there is pain, itching and redness.
Fingerprints should be removed because they are not removing wdeptywane / pushed deeper and deeper, causing more and more pain. They can penetrate beyond the dermis and cause inflammation.


  • inappropriate shoes (too tight)
  • deformed and crooked toes
  • tight socks and tights
  • sometimes too loose shoe, where the foot slips at every step
  • long descent along an inclined surface

Tip Podologa
Do not cut the revised space isolated using scissors or other sharp tools!
The disease is treated in the offices chiropody using special cutters vacuum. The treatment should be repeated with a 2-week break for the complete excision of the lesion.

Reconstruction of nails
To rebuild damaged nails we use special light-weight or gel. Both formulations include clotrimazol, which is a substance having antifungal activity. Therefore suitable also for the reconstruction of nails damaged by the course of ringworm. Care occupied onychomycosis is the appropriate removal of the sick part of the nail and protecting noworosnącej, healthy nail. Using the appropriate cutter diamond sanding off the nail plate destroyed by a fungal infection. The loss apply the necessary amount of gel or mass reconstruction nail. When the nail prosthesis have the appropriate thickness, we shape the appearance of the nail by means of suitable ceramic cutters.

Therapeutic pedicure
120 PLN
Cleaning the nail in the affected
50 PLN
econstruction nail
60 PLN
Delete fingerprint
30 PLN
Removal of viral warts
30 PLN
Remove calluses
20 PLN
Treatment of cracking heels
40 PLN
The dressing of the medicinal preparation
20 PLN
Special undercut ingrown nail buckle