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dm01 What is permanent makeup?
Permanent makeup is a type of tattoo cosmetic , which is carried out by entering into the skin pigment formulation based on natural ingredients. Treatment conducted in a professional office by experienced linergistkę is a safe and very rarely causes undesirable side effects. Depending on the stability of applied dye a depth of embodiment treatment and individual anatomical features effects persist from one to five years. Note, however, that if we want our permanent makeup always looked fresh and we can enjoy it for years should be every year dopigmentować.Celem permanent makeup is a natural way to emphasize the beauty each of us.
Permanent make-up treatment helps correct the shape of the eyebrows (weak or irregular), paragraph (mark contour or strengthening of red lips), and highlight the expression in his eyes (“mark” on the lower and / or upper eyelid). Permanent makeup is also used for the liquidation of scars or masking skin defects, for example. Pigmentation, scars, hyperpigmentation, introducing dyes appropriately matched to the color of the skin.


Permanent makeup is a luxury!

Permanent makeup and price
When the price of permanent makeup is suspiciously low you need to carefully reflect on this because the cost of a professional specialist equipment and all the accessories (needles, pigments, dyes, anesthesia) makes permanent makeup costs amount to hundreds of dollars. Nevertheless, well-executed professional treatment provides satisfaction


Permanent makeup recommended for people:

  • busy that they have little time for makeup
  • after chemotherapy devoid of hair, eyebrows and eyelashes
  • From deep-set eyes, with rare not regular eyebrows, with an asymmetrical contour paragraph
  • with the skin type of the Celtic race that is not expressive facial features
  • athletes and those who can not paint because of the occupation
  • wear glasses and contact lenses, and they have the problems with the implementation of makeup
  • uczuleniowcom on color cosmetics and Henne
  • who want to do the long-term correction of its natural appearance
  • this who want to look beautiful at any time of the day or night


Methodology implementation of permanent makeup?
Matching the color and shape make

  • First of all, before you made micropigmentation should interview to clients what she wants and expects determine the linergistką color paragraph , eyebrows and < b> lines on the eyelids
  • based on individual style preferences as well as their own suggestions -wykonujemy drawing pencil, makeup will be built in several different guises.
  • Approved pattern selection by the client begins the next phase treatment .


Performing surgery

  • treatment for act of anesthesia space subjected to the treatment. To ensure the client the convenience, topical anesthetic cream is applied for about 30 minutes. before makeup .
  • A very important element in the implementation of permanent makeup is the introduction to the epidermis appropriate dye using specialized device equipped with disposable needles.
  • conducted immediately after the treatment the skin is red and slightly swollen, and effect of the treatment may seem “exaggerated”. The final result permanent makeup can be assessed by 7-10dniach – when subside natural dermatological changes. At that time, the treated skin surface formed a small scabs, which automatically fall off, do not scrape them, as this may lead to “remove” the pigment in the worst case scars.


How long does the procedure implementation of permanent makeup?

  • The total time of the procedure – including preparation and anesthesia lasts from 1 to 3 hours.
  • Time of treatment depends on where subjected to pigmentation, individual characteristics of the skin and of course the skills linergistki .


activities after the procedure of permanent makeup IMG_2746

  • immediately after permanent makeup linergistka disinfects the skin, and then applied the cream has soothing and anti-inflammatory.
  • during healing (approx. 1 week), the person being treated has to continue treatments alone at home, by applying the cream
  • right treatment color is very clear, however, that you should not worry because after 7-10 days the color intensity is reduced by half.
  • after the makeup, do not rub the pigmentation, wash the irritant measure.
  • should abandon the sauna, solarium, swimming pool and spa treatments.
  • Do not use the tanning
  • using sunscreen to protect your skin


Permanent makeup mouth

  • allows you to adjust the shape (visually enlarge or reduce, raise or highlight corners of paragraph ),
  • to refresh the color
  • highlight the pigment vermilion.
  • illumination over a contour paragraph of paragraph optical zoom


Perform permanent makeup lips:

  • before performing the procedure should take medicines against herpes 2 days before and five days after surgery
  • to match the appropriate dye – taking into account the client’s preferences, her complexion and suggestions of a professional linergistki
  • draw the outline of the paragraph to visualize the end result treatment


Permanent makeup eyes

  • to create an effect clearly underlined the eye
  • seductive look gives greater clarity
  • excellent appearance at any time and in any situation regardless of the circumstances, weather and other external factors.


Before making permanent makeup eye:

  • eyelid skin should not be swollen
  • body should be rested


After treatment, permanent makeup eye

  • flush eyes with saline solution
  • do not paint the eyes or eyelashes
  • If you wear contact lenses, you should set aside a few days


Permanent makeup eyebrows

  • suitable and complements the shape of the eyebrows, because with time and age, eyebrows are getting rare and not regular
  • convenience, you do not have to spend time everyday makeup eyebrow
  • natural appearance of eyebrows can gain by drawing the hair by hair feather or machine. A single hair can be varied from very thin to thick. It is so great and perfect method, it is difficult to distinguish whether it is permanent makeup or natural eyebrows.


Before making permanent makeup eyebrow:

  • Do not adjust eyebrows for about 1 week before surgery,
  • The skin around the eyebrows should be thoroughly cleaned
  • optimum color match Pigment and determine the final shape makeup .


Permanent makeup – contra

  • pregnancy
  • diabetes
  • viral infections
  • cancer
  • chemotherapy
  • psoriasis
  • herpes
  • steroid drug treatment
  • treatment with anticoagulants.
  • retinoid treatment


before and after



Permanent makeup lip contour

600,00 PLN

Permanent makeup contour with shading

800,00 PLN

Permanent makeup contour with filling

900,00 PLN

The illumination over a contour lips (visually enlarges lips)

400,00 PLN

Permanent makeup mark the top

500,00 PLN

Permanent makeup density of the lash line

400,00 PLN

Permanent makeup mark lower

300,00 PLN

Permanent makeup mark set

600,00 PLN

Permanent makeup eyebrow shading method

600,00 PLN

Makijaż trwały brwi metodą włoskową

600,00 PLN

Correction of the month


Correction after 2-3 months


Refresh permanent makeup after 1 year – full price