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tw03 Needle-free mesotherapy is the most advanced, non-invasive system skin rejuvenation and cellulite reduction and fat. An alternative to the classic needle mesotherapy. Using a needle-free mesotherapy perform a variety of programs for beauty treatments using commonly known in aesthetic medicine biologically active substances. Of these substances is formed so. cocktails, which are a mixture of substances revitalizing and regenerating matched depending on your needs and aesthetic problems of the patient.
Needle-free mesotherapy uses in its action electroporation. It involves using a special electromagnetic wave occurring in the form of pulses. It reaches into the skin, as well as through the cell membrane into the cell, with the result that the treatment is very effective. Electrical impulses can be adjusted, you can change the frequency, length and type. This allows us to apply the proper characteristics of the pulse in a particular situation, depending on the type of skin or body part. Mesotherapy is performed simultaneously with a diamond tip microdermabrasion, which is located in the pulsating motion. With microdermabrasion we prepare the skin for better absorption preparations and massage it by increasing microcirculation, make lymphatic drainage, increasing blood flow and oxygenation.
The primary objective of needle-free mesotherapy is rejuvenation, normalizing, to rejuvenate, moisturizing, toning, brightening spots, reduces wrinkles, lifting and cellulite reduction, body fat, stretch marks, firming bust. In order to achieve the desired effect, we use appropriate preparation. We have the choice of about 20. Non-invasive Mesotherapy is a treatment pleasant and friendly, there is no discomfort or tingling. The adjustable parameters, adjust therapy to the perception threshold of clients. Mesotherapy treatment method requires several office visits, usually 10 treatments 1-2 times a week depending on the composition of the cocktail, because after a series of treatments effects will be permanent.

Needle-free mesotherapy therapy anti-wrinkle fwefwefwe
Over the years skin ages. Disappear collagen and elastin fibers, the levels of moisture, increasing the amount of free radicals. They develop wrinkles and changes to an oval face. We can not stop this process, but we can slow it considerably. In everyday cosmetics and the classical treatments, we are not able to provide adequate nutrients skin. Do not allow this stratum corneum. Thanks to microdermabrasion and an appropriate electromagnetic wave pores open and into the skin and through the cell membrane into the cell penetrate necessary active substances. The tissue is nourished, drained of toxins, oxygenated and agitated for producing collagen and elastin. The skin regenerates, moisturises, firms and smoothes. Needle-free mesotherapy can be performed around the eyes. To achieve the effect must undergo a series of treatments / at least 4 / at intervals of 5-10 days. In order to maintain the effect it is good to repeat the mesotherapy needle-free once a month.

Needle-free mesotherapy in the treatment of cellulite and body fat
The adjustable pulse power can be effectively working on deeper layers of fatty tissue. When choosing suitable to the problem cocktail of active ingredients achieve fat reduction, cellulite, stretch marks and firming breasts. After a series of treatments / 10-12 / 2.3 times in a week, improved metabolism of the skin, which can maintain the effect for a long time. Cellulite is smaller and the skin firmer. Fat reduction can be achieved by the possibility of penetration of the product inside the adipocyte fat cells. For best results it is good to combine with a needle-free mesotherapy treatments endermology.


  • pregnancy
  • metallic elements in the body,
  • heart disease,
  • pacemaker
  • venous diseases,
  • epilepsy
  • hypersensitive skin inflammation.

Facials – 200 PLN
Body treatments – 250 PLN
Package 8 treatments + 2 treatments FREE – 1 600 PLN