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110_F_61130639_omgqBp3nRlt5nKYjgbFgsCLdBGhfXlFB Micropigmentation Medical – is one of the new areas of aesthetic medicine in relation to the field in micropigmentation.

Discover the medical micropigmentation and corrective and zakamufluj defects scars, skin lesions, stretch marks and others. Medical Micropigmentation helps become more confident after mastectomy allows women to effectively visually reconstruct the nipple, reduce or enlarge modify its shape and color. Of particular importance this form of pigmentation takes in patients with various types of surgery, including plastic.

Pigments used in the treatment is sterile, antibacterial obtaining certificates and meet international standards and regulations relating to the medical device.

Micropigmentation are also used to camouflage scars after surgery and accidents, scars after closing cleft lips and palates, and even after a face-lift. Carefully selected color dye restores skin uniform color.

After micropigmentation can also reach people suffering from alopecia areata. In the case of alopecia areata treatment micropigmentation allows you to visually recreate the missing hairs in different parts of the face and body (missing eyebrows, eyelashes, achieve economies of strzyżonego hair on his head).


Implementation of micropigmentation is preceded by filling the medical questionnaire, which allows for insight into the possible contraindications for this type of surgery. In some cases it is necessary prior medical consultation.

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  • Correction of aesthetic facial asymmetry
  • Aesthetic correction of deformity after angioplasty “cleft lip”
  • Rekonsrtukcja rodawki nipple
  • Correcting bad permanent makeup
  • Aesthetic correction dyschromii – vitiligo, chloasma spots, stretch marks
  • Masking various defects of the skin (postoperative scars, scars)
  • Masking alopecia areata

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