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Cosmetic massage of the face, neck and décolleté kobiety-twarz-masaz

Action beauty massage is very beneficial for the skin of the face and neck. The skin is cleansed of calloused skin, open pores secrete waste products of metabolism. The skin is stimulated and nourished by the blood and lymph. After a series of approx. 10 massages fine wrinkles disappear and deeper significantly zmniejszają.Po series of approx. 10 massages fine wrinkles disappear and deeper significantly reduced.
Massage also works so relaxing and relaxing and helps to get rid of worries. Therefore, a massage parlor regenerate our skin, as well as the soul, beauty is still to a large extent a reflection of the inner man.
Treatment price: 50,00 PLN

Classic massage

Classical massage is the most popular massage, which depending on the form – the intensity can be therapeutic, relaxing, stimulating the like. The classic massage includes treatments that aim to improve the mental and physical condition of the patient, they are used in the prevention and treatment of many diseases in the field of orthopedics, neurology, pediatrics, gynecology and internal medicine diseases.
Treatment price:
• 30 min. – 70,00 PLN
• 60 min. – 120,00 PLN

Relaxing massage masaz-ciala-1

Relaxing massage stimulates the muscles, skin and cardiovascular system, and also a great effect on the nervous system – balances sent through the body negative reactions to stress, eliminates involuntary muscle tone, restores normal heart rhythm, blood circulation and blood pressure, and even helps in the fight against insomnia .
Price surgery:
• 30 min. – 90,00 PLN
• 60 min. – 150,00 PLN

Massage therapy

It is based on classic massage techniques. The main objective is the treatment of certain disorders of the organism by procedures manual. Each of these massage treatments may be preceded by physical attributes, eg. Irradiated Solux Lamp, wraps compress warming or performed with supportive measures such treatment. Ointments healing analgesic, anti-inflammatory and warming.
Price zebiegu:
• partial – 90,00 PLN
• improves circulation – 150.00 PLN
• Anti-cellulite – 150.00 PLN
• tired legs – PLN 90.00

Massage slimming

The purpose of this type of massage is the breakdown and fragmentation of subcutaneous fat, removing toxins from the body, improving blood circulation in skin and muscles, which speeds up the metabolism. Massage can sometimes be uncomfortable for a massaged person because of pain sensation occurs using techniques with great force. For this type of massage is used creams containing plant substances stimulate cell metabolism, eliminating fat, and facilitating the removal of toxins and excess water. During a series of treatments is recommended slimming exercises and a proper diet adherence.
Price surgery:
• overall 30 minutes. – 90,00 PLN
• comprehensive extended 60 minutes. – 150,00 PLN

Lymphatic drainage  imgmain1

It aims to improve lymph circulation and thus prevents diseases caused by the stagnation also serves the liquidation of congestive edema, exudates lymphatic shortens the resorption of bruises and hematomas.
It also acts as a cleansing for the whole body, removes waste products. It is also used when infectious diseases, cancer, and steroid therapy or as a slimming effect.
Price surgery:
• 30 min. – 70,00 PLN
• 60 min. – 120,00 PLN

Lomi Lomi massage
Lomi Lomi massage is a form Nui Hawaiian “body work” is derived from the ancient temples of Hawaii. He served cleaning, strengthening and healing. He was often ritual przejścia- entry into adulthood or a new stage of life. Massage could take several days. It was accompanied by songs, prayers, rituals and various other treatments.
To distinguish the exceptional importance and significance, the temple form of massage Lomi Lomi Nui was designated by the word (ie. An important, one-of-a-kind).
Lomi – Lomi Nui Hawaiian temple massage is already widely known in the US, many luxury spas in Western Europe – in Germany, Switzerland, the UK has it long been on offer. It is an ideal means for fast, hectic and often careless life we lead, on the excess of stimuli attacking us from all sides, to burnout or depression. This shift towards yourself and tell yourself – “this is my time, I myself (and) I am at this moment the most important (and) for themselves. The universe can we as a turning point in life, sometimes unexpectedly generous reward.
Price surgery:
• 30 min. – 120,00 PLN
• 60 min. – 180,00 PLN

Hot stone massage e9b48dcf

Hot stone massage combines the impact of thermotherapy, drainage, acupressure, aromatherapy and Swedish massage.
A base of a broad effect on the thermoreceptors in the skin of the patient. As a result of the impact of reflex occurs to raise the temperature of the surrounding area massaged and secondary vasodilatation.
This reaction affects thus increasing the capacity of the vascular bed.
The mood, the use of essential oils and properly selected music has a soothing effect on the patient by inhibiting the action of the limbic system reduces the general nervous tension. The richness and strength of a stimulus effect on forming a plurality of enkephalins in the CNS
Price surgery:
• 60 min. – 120,00 PLN
• 90 min. – 180,00 PLN