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manicure_japonski2Beautiful hands and nails are the business card of every person and the mirror of health organism, especially in women an attribute of beauty. A healthy and natural looking nails, it depends inter alia on congenital predisposition, partly of how not to care. Hand skin is characterized by a particular delicacy and sensitivity . delicate hand skin is exposed to external factors: frequent contact with water and chemicals makes your hands are subjected to excessive drying, which makes it rough. That is why it is so important to nurture the correct and appropriate hands and nails, improving their condition. Regular performance manicure can prevent problems such as breaking and crumbling of the nail plate, split or discolored like.

Manicure Biological

Manicure biological, primarily care about the condition of the nails and hands. It beautification of nails, without being exposed to damaging metal instruments. It is a procedure involving the execution of manicure utensils made of paper, glass or wood, it involves removing the skins using special preparations, and a stick of wood without cutting their cążkami. Filed with nails and massaging cream into the skin nourishing hand. The idea is to treat your nails and hands as most gently. First softens up, soaking his hands for a few minutes in soapy water and then moves away peel aside, using wooden sticks flattened at the ends. What is left on the nail plate and gently rubs off using a buffing machine. Manicure biological can finish painting the nails. Biological manicure is used in the manicured hands, with little overgrown cuticles.

Manicure classic

It is based on opiłowaniu and cleaning the nails after their shorter. Skins are removed using clippers, and the circuit is cultivated nutrients. When performing a manicure classic used nail files, nail clippers and cuticle. Hand massage is an essential element of classic manicure and biological. After manicures classic that you can nail varnish or paint color painting type of trench coat.
French manicuremanicure

French manicure is performed by classical manicure or biological and brightening the free edge of the nail by a white paint. The final stage of the procedure is to cover the entire nail varnish milky or pale pink.

Manicure SPA

Manicure Spa (Sanitas per aquam) – health through water. Supplementing a manicure elements of relaxation and regeneration of hand skin. It is about regenerating and nourished dry, rough skin on hands exposed to the harmful effects of external factors (sun, cold, wind, detergents, low or high temperatures). The nutrients in professional cosmetics SPA, used during surgery: sugar scrub for hands, nourishing mask for nourishing hand cream for hands and nails, deeply penetrate the various layers of the skin, moisturizing and regenerating it. The treatment begins with a warm aromatic bath hand. After that we put sugar peeling and make a gentle massage to remove dead skin. We apply nourishing mask on the palm proceed to an accurate manicure .The end we apply hand cream and nail. The hands after a manicure SPA are silky smooth, relaxed, hand skin hydrated, nourished smoothed.

JAPANESE MANICURE11014096_4a167d562816b
Japanese manicure born in the country of the rising sun over four hundred years ago. It involves an intensive rub the nail plate, paste containing care agents of natural origin. P.Shine technology, makes the nail plate is gaining glow pink pearls. This innovative manicure gives the nails a natural shine strengthens them with natural ingredients with vitamins A, E, H, pro-vitamin B5, keratin, bee pollen and silica from the sea of Japanese nail growth accelerates, leading to their strengthening, prevents the splitting of the nail plate, and it regenerates. Japanese manicure is recommended for nails brittle, with an uneven surface, splitting. Brittle nails become resilient and flexible. The treatment gives a natural shine nail the tiles, so is suitable for men, women, and even teenagers. Japanese manicure should give effect in the form of nails that look like pink pearls. The effect should remain on the tiles about two weeks. Such a treatment is not the whole half hour. After two or three weeks, it is indicated for complementary treatment that should be continued, if one wants to maintain the effect of the paste.

Hybrid manicure is the end of splashes, streaks and too slow drying paint is much more durable than traditional lacquer Hybrid Nail Color is a gel that solidifies on the nail plate, creating a very hard and resistant to damage the layer, involves the use of innovative formulas of paint their unique feature is unique shine. It is applied as an ordinary nail varnish hybrid is applied to the nail in very thin layers and cured using UV light. It is suitable for every woman, especially for those who wish to maintain healthy nails and beautiful color for longer. The product is thin and flexible like polish looks, it looks natural is not tarnished or chipping. Maintained on the nail for three weeks.


318401a57ed88285 Wrap with paraffin wax opens the pores of the skin and stimulates blood circulation and consequently improves the absorption of active included in the preparations. Paraffin is a hydrocarbon, obtained by the distillation of crude oil. It contains natural moisturizing substances, when applied to the skin forms a layer that retains moisture in the skin .After treatment “paraffin” the skin soft and supple this continues for at least a few days. Paraffin also helps the rough skin on elbows and knees. In addition, paraffin bath heat warms the hands and feet. The heat improves circulation, warms and relaxes the muscles and soothes aching joints

Manicure classic
50 PLN
Manicure classic + lacquer
55 PLN
Manicure & lacquer hybrid
90 PLN
Manicure & varnish hybrid french
100 PLN
Photo hybrids
30 PLN
Manicure Japanese
55 PLN
spa treatment at the hands
50 PLN
Paraffin Cancer
30 PLN