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usta05 Full and pouting lips with a regular outline a dream for many women. If nature has not endowed you with sensual lips, you can opt for a larger mouth using hyaluronic acid. The treatment is also recommended for women whose mouth because of the passage of time lost their regular contour.

With age, the lip contour becomes irregular and they make an impression sad because their corners collapse downwards. Wrinkles appear on his upper lip gives a particularly negative effect, because they make the face look older than it really is. Aging causes mouth that they lose optimal hydration and become susceptible to microdamages.

Make up to cause the mouth optically become larger, fragile, and further has no effect if the lips are very thin.

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that helps to improve the condition because it allows you to increase or only a slight enhancement of the lips, to improve the contour, moisturizing, removing wrinkles around them, resulting in an effect odmłodnienia.

Lip augmentation surgery is performed using just hyaluronic acid, which is also used to fill wrinkles and breast augmentation. After his execution lips become fuller, better moisturised and take the symmetry and deeper color and their contour is more expressive.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance which occurs in the human body, especially the skin. Responsible for the binding of water and maintaining the appropriate amount of tissue so that the skin is optimally hydrated. The content of hyaluronic acid in the skin with age is reduced, whereby the limp skin, lips and lose its volume.

The use of hyaluronic acid is completely safe, contact with the substance is not allergenic and does not require any previous allergic test performance. The hyaluronic acid used for lip augmentation is a synthetic substance. It is available in different densities, and is produced from various manufacturers, Restylane, Restylane Fine Lines, Perlane, Sergiderm, Matridex. The best companies in the world preparations are completely absorbed by the body, does not cause side effects and the results of their actions are immediate. Obraz3

Lip augmentation requires no prior preparation. Hyaluronic acid contains no substances of animal origin and therefore does not cause allergic reactions, so that his application need not be preceded by preliminary tests were performed. When it is injected into the lips, intercept water and increases the volume of mouth.

The course of treatment is simple. Lip augmentation is performed after application of topical anesthesia. Sometimes used anesthetic cream. After ten minutes of anesthesia makes the patient does not feel pain. Then the physician using a thin needle is injected hyaluronic acid in selected places on the lips and around them.

The area in which hyaluronic acid is introduced depends on what will be the end result – whether it is a larger mouth, or by modeling their contour or increase the corners. Injecting the formulation is from 7 to 10 minutes. After injection, the mouth should be massaged in such a way that the substance is distributed evenly. The treatment generally does not exceed 30 minutes.

After treatment, the skin around the mouth may be swollen, bluish and red, but these changes withdraw completely after a few days.

Immediately after the enlargement paragraph reactions may occur typical for each injection, or swelling, redness and bruising, pain and itching and excessive sensitivity to touch in gel implant site. These symptoms usually disappear spontaneously within 1-2 days after injection into the skin.

Effects gradually disappear persist for 6 to 9 months. During this time must be prophylactically take tablets to prevent penetration into the body of herpes virus. If during the proper procedure any shortcomings, it is one week after they are corrected. The molecules of hyaluronic acid gel are absorbed slowly, so the client has time to make a decision on the execution of supplemental treatment.

The biggest drawback to the use of hyaluronic acid for lip enhancement is its cost. The treatment is quite expensive, more prestigious beauty salons its price can reach up to several thousand. The reason for the high cost is the fact that this technique is relatively new and represents a significant step forward in the field of plastic surgery.

Contraindications for surgery are few. It should be abandoned in case of cold sores and during menstrual bleeding. The decision on enlargement paragraph should postpone pregnant and breastfeeding women. The contraindications dermatitis, the tendency to the formation of scar przyrosłych, allergy to lignocainę and autoimmune diseases.


Treatment magnifying mouth hyaluronowego acid preparation takes a few minutes and for the comfort of the patient is performed with local anesthesia (cream or dental anesthesia). For lip augmentation injected hyaluronic acid in red lips. Sometimes, at the request of the patient model the shape of the lips, more highlighting for example. Upper lip, or stacking pattern “Paris lips”.


The treatment enhances red lip highlights and emphasizes the lip contour. If the color red lips is not very intense, we advise the implementation of permanent makeup. They become natural in appearance and full. Asymmetrical lips this treatment can restore nice shape, and in people with congenital malformations of “harelip” restore the anatomy of the lips.
The effect lasts for several months (4- 8- 12 months), depending on the type of formulation for the treatment and the intensity mimic mouth.

Following surgery, there may be bruises, which, however, in this part of the face can easily cover makeup. Cream should be used to accelerate the absorption and healing.
People prone to blisters after consultation with a doctor should use Heviran.

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Treatment price 1200 zł

Price surgery using preparations Restylane®, Juvederm®, Emerel®-1 ml SALE from 800,00 PLN
Price surgery using Princess® preparations, Stylage® -1ml SALE from 600,00 PLN