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ipl Light that heals and rejuvenates

Photorejuvenation is one of these treatments, which is not only anti-aging effects, but also preventive. It involves exposing the skin of the face, neck and shoulders, and even the hand, pulsed light, IPL (Intense Pulse Light).

Photorejuvenation not only improves the appearance, color and texture of the skin, but also cures it. In a comprehensive manner disposed of are the signs of skin aging: vascular lesions such as enlarged capillaries, “spiders”, excessive blush, rosacea, redness, and all kinds of pigmented spots: hyperpigmentation, freckles, sun spots and age.

Photorejuvenation is a procedure involving the rejuvenation using light. Used for this purpose is strong light of the appropriate wavelength (IPL technology), which stimulates cells in the dermis for the production of collagen. At the same time there is to shorten and rebuild collagen fibers.

Photorejuvenation will increase tension and improve skin density, reduces fine wrinkles and blemishes. It is also recommended to persons who have acne-prone skin because it has antibacterial and shrinks pores.

These treatments can be stososować at any age – even in young people as a prophylactic. Just as often they succumb to the ladies and gentlemen. This procedure is non-invasive – without the use of a scalpel and violation of skin integrity. Very good results gives combining radiation IPL with certain types of medical scrubs.


The course of treatment

During the procedure, the entire surface of the face is illuminated with short pulses of light that are perceived as temporary burning sensation. After the treatment the skin is slightly reddened, may be a little exfoliation. In order to obtain full effect of the treatment must be repeated 2-5 times at intervals of 2 – 4 weeks.



  • pregnancy
  • breastfeeding
  • acute inflammation of the skin
  • cancer, hyperthyroidism, epilepsy in an interview
  • heavily tanned skin, using tanning, bronzing creams, some scrubs before surgery
  • The use of the cream with retinol and vitamin. C (discontinued 2 weeks before treatment)
  • taking medications (certain antibiotics, antidepressants) and photosensitizing herbs (calendula, St. John’s wort) should stop using 2-3 weeks prior to surgery.

Application IPL

  • Removing stains senile, hormonal, sun spots and acne  ipltwarze
  • photorejuvenation skin, smoothing fine wrinkles  acwecf
  • Removing skin pigmentation disorders
  • Closing dilated capillaries, “spiders”, blushes
  • Eliminating acne and inflammation

Price list of treatments

Closing the capillaries

around the face 100 – 600 zł
around the legs 100 – 1 500 zł


pigmented lesions 200 – 600 zł
rosacea (erythema) from 500 zł
tattoos 200 – 700 zł
stretching from 200 zł

Skin photorejuvenation

covering the area face 500 – 1 000 zł
neck 500 – 700 zł
neck 400 – 500 zł
hands 400 – 500