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  • Filling wrinkles with hyaluronic acid
  • Reduction of wrinkles – expression lines on the forehead, vertical around the mouth, eyes (crow’s feet ,, “) and nasolabial folds
  • Smoothing neck and hands
  • Firming and improving skin density
  • Modeling oval face – to highlight cheekbones
  • Improved and fill out the contour of the mouth, raising the drooping corners


No wrinkles

Hyaluronic acid is a compound which binds water in the epidermis. It can be safely used without the need for skin testing. The human skin acid is a component of the extracellular matrix of the dermis. In young skin, hyaluronic acid is in abundance, which ensures its elasticity and lack of wrinkles.
With age, decreasing the amount of acid. Later on human skin ages, it loses the ability to bind water and creates wrinkles. One molecule of hyaluronic acid is able to bind approx. 250 water molecules.
Filling wrinkles with hyaluronic acid allow very fast youthful appearance by smoothing out facial wrinkles and cleavage, improve complexion and skin rejuvenation.
Treatments of this type in addition to smoothing the skin, stimulate intensive regenerative processes, partially reversing the aging process. Treatments consist of virtually painless injection of suitable formulations (hyaluronic acid) in the previously anesthetized skin.
We work on the preparation of the most modern and high-quality range of fillers (Surgiderm, Volume, Teosyall, Princess, Juvederm Ultra).
Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the skin, which is responsible inter alia for firmness, the contents of which decreases with age. Fill with hyaluronic acid is currently the most modern, the most popular and highly safe method of eliminating signs of aging skin.
Hyaluronic acid can be administered in virtually any place on the body. The choice of formulation of appropriate composition and consistency depends on the effect you want to achieve. Liquid is used to eliminate fine lines and dense – modeling of the face and body. The treatments are very safe, with limited to a minimum risk of side effects and complications.


Before procedure 6 weeks after





Description of treatment:
Before surgery, the place that we want to give preparation, smear cream (AneStop, EMLA), which in its composition contains an anesthetic. Formulations for filling wrinkles with hyaluronic acid are in the form of crystalline, very plastic and elastic gel which, when introduced into the skin fills the wrinkle, giving a very natural effects. The reported are very thin needles, which reduces the sensation of pain. After injection of a gel into a line or wrinkle in the mouth preparation binds water and increases the volume of the area by smoothing wrinkles or lip contour modeling. The treatment usually takes 30 minutes. The result can be seen immediately in the mirror. The treatments do not result in the exclusion of the patient from everyday life.
The maintenance period of the effect of initial treatment can be extended further injections. Most patients choose to have this treatment after 6-12 months after the first treatment of wrinkles or correction of facial contours.
Immediately after the surgery should not be treated areas exposed to intense heat or cold. Do not also shortly before and after the use of other treatments in injections. Contraindicated Sunbathing (also solariums) peels mechanical, chemical and laser printers, at least until the resignation of itching and redness. In cases of non-compliance with these guidelines may result inflammation.


Sometimes common side effects:

  • redness, swelling, pain at the injection site material – these symptoms disappear within 72 hours
  • itching for sensitive skin
  • hypersensitivity at the site of correction,
  • occasional swelling in the form of bumps sustained a few weeks;


  • pregnancy, breastfeeding
  • localized skin infections
  • Some diseases – autoimmune diseases, cancer, uncontrolled diabetes
  • The tendency to develop keloids
  • inflammation of the skin (herpes, acne)
  • hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid;

Are you a man?
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Filling wrinkles with hyaluronic acid – Price:

treatment using Restylane preparations, Emervel®, Juvederm® from 800,00 PLN
treatment using preparations Princess®, Stylage® from 600,00 PLN