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peeling-260px BIO GREENS PEELING – deep exfoliation

Deep exfoliating treatment for face and body. Deep eliminates discoloration without prejudice to the immune functions of the skin, as well as the lifting, rejuvenates and

refreshes the skin. Thanks to the minerals and powdered herbs effectively eliminates acne scars, stretch marks visibly smoothes and evens. Exfoliation process occurs through the skin’s natural defenses thanks to this treatment is safe and effective. Recommended for use on different parts of the body: face, back, buttocks, thighs, abdomen, hands

Intensive Exfoliating based on natural ingredients derived from the essence of the spongy substance skrysztalizowanej, extracted from seaweed, minerals and herbal powder Lucretia, turmeric and allantoin. Modern deep exfoliation method is the activation of mechanisms for renewing their own skin. The epidermis skillfully isolates and rejects foreign particles mobilizing the body’s natural defenses. During

the surgical scrub “provokes” an active, revitalizing a chain reaction, which induces the penetration of molecules peeling the layers of the epidermis. Peeling occurs gradually over a period of 3-4 days after the treatment carried out. The method is safe and effective, it gives the ability to control the intensity of treatment depending on the needs and the expected results. The procedure can be performed on the face, hands, buttocks and other selected parts of the body. Security peeling is a deep and gradual exfoliation without the risk of leaving marks and scars. Peeling can be made at one time to refresh the skin, compensate for color, elimination of soft spots or in a series of 2-6 treatments in cases of mature skin, with intense discoloration and with the elimination of stretch marks and scars.

The interval between successive treatments should be about 10 days.

The course of treatment:

We put the Bio Peeling massaging the skin.

At the beginning of massage can be felt small particles like sand particles. Scrub polishes the horny layer of the epidermis. After 1-2 minutes the skin gradually

It heats up, it becomes increasingly sensitive to touch.

There is a feeling a large amount of microscopic needles ramming into the skin.

If redness appears earlier than 1-2 minutes after the start of the massage shorten treatment. Always individually adjust the intensity and duration of treatment.

Soothing Mask: After a massage without removing the remnants of the scrub perform the soothing compress on your face to calm irritated skin.

images Home care:

Once a day, wipe the face of a specially prepared solution (a small teaspoon of 10 percent. Vinegar in a glass of water). Do not use creams or other preparations moisturizing!

No visible peeling after the first treatment may be caused habit to chemical peeling skin, eg. Acids. If after 4-5 days the skin peels off apparently not, you should do 20 minutes. Massage on the preparation Natural Gel, the fingers will be flaky skin indicate it will be the correct course of treatment.

Treatment price 200 PLN