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It is believed that the symptoms of vaginal dryness occurs in one in six women

Dryness of the vagina or vulva can occur in women of all ages as an ailment of the substrate iatrogenic (eg. From the adoption of isotretinoin, tricyclic antidepressants psychotic drugs etc.), Or as a symptom accompanying with menopause, especially in the case of not using hormone replacement therapy.

During menopause, a decrease of the production of estrogen, which leads to a reduction in the activity of fibroblasts and results in the progressive loss of dermis and flattening of the dermal-epidermal border.

Vaginal mucous is dry (vascularization of tissue is reduced, the tissue is thinner and less hydrated, as well as all body. The decrease in the quantity of nutrients to cells and glandular causes the gradual disappearance and impaired of their functioning.

The skin loses its elasticity. Collagen and elastin fibers undergo degeneration, with the number less to then decrease in the activity of fibroblasts, increasing the production of collagen type III, and Type-I collagen production decreases.

This leads to such symptoms as dry ,. Loss of elasticity, sagging, and increased sensitivity of the skin. The reduced concentration of estrogen results in the gradual disappearance of the labia major accompanied by dryness of the vulva.



Complete or partial removal of the labia major is also a common ailment.

Its essence is the loss of fat bedding labia major. (Tzw.Lipoatrofia) and generalized atrophic process within the skin tissues. This disease can be genetic or occur after the age of menopause as a symptom accompanying very advanced stage vaginal dryness.

In both cases, the labia becomes too small or vanish completely and do not adequately protect the vulva, causing itching and discomfort, greatly hindering the daily functioning of the patient. Labia play an important role in preventing chafing vulva, especially when dressing, wearing tight clothes or sports (horse riding, cycling eats).

Atrophy of the labia may occur earlier (on average approx. 46 years of age). In some patients the first symptoms observed in approx. 37 years of age (physical predisposition, premature menopause, lifestyle, etc.)
Injection of cross-linked hyaluronic acid in the dermis DESIRIAL® labia can improve its level of hydration, resulting in stimulation of biological and stimulates fibroblast activity, allowing you to maintain proper functioning female genital tissues.



  • hypotrophy or atrophy and laxity of the skin of the labia major and pubis

(Health and beauty)

  • The disappearance of skin-mucosal (vulvo-vaginal) and associated symptoms as itching, dryness, feeling the pull, hot, dyspareunia … etc. (Health)
  • Relaxation and reconstruction scars after episiotomy (health)

How does it work?

  • Rebuilding volume (by restoring the volume of the labia major organs deeper protection and reducing infections, abrasions …)
  • Hydration of the skin and mucous membranes
  • The stimulation of fibroblasts and the production of new collagen

For whom this treatment

Women around the age of menopause or of childbearing age who have had an insufficient lubrication of the vulva with or without concomitant irritation. Women around the age of menopause, menopausal, or of childbearing age with a tendency to or signs of moderate or severe partial or complete disappearance of the labia major.




– Dry-irritation resulting in itching and discomfort-voltage and burning sensation in women around menopause-vulvodynia

biostimulation or restore proper hydration of the middle and deep layers of the skin właściwej.-Increase the volume and hydration of the skin, stimulating collagen production by stimulating fibroblasts (necessary to ensure the proper discharge of the skin)
– moderate or significant partial or total zanik.-total atrophy of the labia major

Filling and modeling by deep injection podskórnych.- Restoration of two regular labia major of equal size / volume in order to protect the vulva against abrasion



The hyaluronic acid is an endogenous component of the dermis necessary for its proper functioning. It acts like a sponge because it binds water molecules. It therefore plays a key role in ensuring proper hydration, elasticity and skin tension. With age, the concentration of hyaluronic acid in the dermis is reduced, which might cause discomfort due to insufficient lubrication of the skin. Dry intimate zones is often a result of hormonal disorders that impair the mechanisms of skin hydration. The mucous membrane functions best when it is correctly hydrated, and therefore should be maintained adequate level of hydration to prevent desiccation of the associated irritation.

Hyaluronic acid administered by injection improves the ability to maintain water in the tissues around the vulva and vagina.

Injections of hyaluronic acid allows the physician overturn the original volume of the tissue and ensure proper hydration of the skin. In addition, they stimulate the activity of fibroblasts by mechanical simulation associated with the process of filling.


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