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01 Beautiful and well-groomed feet are an important thing, whether summer or winter should be about foot care to always be beautiful and attractive. Feet are very important parts of the body. They carry weight throughout life and it depends on them correct posture and gait. In winter, forcing them to carry heavy, bulky shoes (become by this over-tired, swollen sometimes frozen and wet), spring for that we require to look healthy and aesthetically. When you have a dream summer we will not have a problem anymore because of the interest dbałyśmy an important function in the foot care is not only a daily cleaning but also use fabric softener formulations, antiperspirant, and carrying a foot massage, gymnastics and major wear appropriate shoes.
Pedicure is a treatment nourishing and beautifying feet. Performed every 4 weeks. The frequency of this procedure depends on the speed of regrowth of the nail and keratosis skin on the heels and soles, and the willingness of the formation of ingrown nails and corns. The aim of this treatment is to remove calloused skin and corns, which are often painful, and nail care
There are the following types of pedicure:

Pedicure salon – is a care treatment performed on a healthier footing, which consists of washing off the paint, nail shortening and filed with, and groom nails, also removing the thickened skin of the heels. In bar treatment they are removed thickening the epidermis of the entire surface of the foot and the toes. Pedicure massage is completed, possibly lacquered nails.

Therapeutic pedicure – This procedure includes steps for pedicure cosmetic expanded by surgery to remove calluses, corns, corns and ingrown nails. These activities are terminated massage or lacquered nails. These treatments are very often the last chance before visiting the surgeon! In carrying out the chosen treatment in the field of therapeutic pedicure, we perform a traditional pedicure.
Cracked heel is not just a cosmetic defect, which causes that every step is painful, it is also an ailment that can be dangerous to your health. The skin on his heels is almost twice as thick as other parts of our body. It is made up of 60 specialized layers that is constantly renewing. Sometimes, however, so that the skin on the feet thickens faster than he wants nature, becomes less elastic and starts to crack. The most common cause is improper maintenance, improper footwear, overweight and obesity, poor diet, especially lack of vitamin A, as well as various diseases such. Diabetes. The cracks usually occur only on the horny part of the skin and the self-sufficient household and treatments.
Excessive sweating feet is very troublesome ailment, favoring fungal infections. Unfortunately, the pathogenesis of this disease is not known until the end. Undoubtedly, an important role is played by genetic factors. Antiperspirants used in the morning and in the afternoon on the soles soften slightly this ailment. It is also wearing a breathable, preferably leather shoes. Also bring relief foot baths in the infusion of sage or in water with vinegar in the proportion of 1 tablespoon of vinegar per quart of water
The formation of imprints includes topical, excessive keratosis a result of prolonged oppression. It is a defensive reaction of the skin. Corns most commonly form on the balls of his feet, as a result of wearing tight shoes. Predisposing factor for their formation is flat feet. The only method of prevention is to wear comfortable shoes and appropriate inserts.
Ingrown nails are mainly fingers. This involves excessive penetration of the nail into the surrounding soft parts. As a result, within the nail becomes inflamed manifested as soreness, redness and swelling. Ingrown nails are conducive to anatomical features paluchów- fingers ‘cushion’, abnormal nail clipping and wearing tight shoes. Treatment consists of surgical excision of part of the nail ingrowth

Pedicure Spa – extended treatment cares for the foot.

02 combination pedicure and foot massage, aromatherapy and hot bath comfort and relaxation to the customer . After treatment, the skin is regenerated feet, relaxed, refreshed and moisturized. The effect smooth and fine interest persists for a long time. The procedure consists of several stages. The first part of the treatment involves a foot bath, removal of calloused skin on his heels with a router. The next part of the treatment involves making aromatherapy scrub on foot, the imposition of nutritional mask. And then, starting from the base of each finger, we massage your feet. At the end of the treatment we apply foot cream antibacterial effect


Classic Pedicure
95 PLN
Classic Pedicure + lacquer
110 PLN
Pedicure + painting french
120 PLN
Pedicure + varnish hybrid
120 PLN
Pedicure + varnish hybrid french
130 PLN
Photo hybrids
30 PLN
Painting toenails
30 PLN