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Among the many permanent makeup cosmetic services distinguished by the fact that if it is good, its results may not be apparent to the casual observer. If permanent make-up with one reason or another do not, just “screams” face. Responsibility technician for the quality of the surgery in this area is huge!

In beauty salons, beauty parlors observed a growing interest in permanent makeup. However, in our view, customers are dissatisfied with the quality of the service is not less than satisfied. In this article I will try to explain in detail the reasons why so many customers are dissatisfied with permanent makeup, and give examples of reasons why women often go with the obvious niedoróbkami face.

It should be very clear distinction between professionals and pseudofachowców who perform permanent makeup. Unfortunately, the latter is still too many in the industry.

Niedoróbek cause often lies in the fact that the customer does not come in time for an additional adjustment needed to achieve high-quality permanent makeup. Why? Perhaps due to the lack of awareness of the need for additional procedures. Linergiści beginners often forget the exact explaining details of the surgery, resulting in ignorance and lack of awareness among customers. Inform need every time, making sure that the client understood everything. Secondly, it often happens that a customer seeing the effect after the first treatment (ie. An intermediate), ceases to trust the skilled and begins to look for another professional. This happens when a person skilled in the course of the procedure has not provided enough information, which may be the results after the first treatment, or not earned the trust as a professional. In the worst case, the client is disappointed at all permanent makeup and without finishing it, wait until it disappears from her face, or even looking for someone who could remove the makeup.

The blame for customer dissatisfaction with the outcome of the procedure shall be borne pro. At the first meeting with a client specialist must be convincing in order to create a kind of tandem, where a professional becomes a kind of “guru”. The conversation with the client is extremely important, we see not only the face, but what the client has in his heart, we need to interview – it’s part of our job. We, specialists, we must keep this in mind if we want to get the customer rather than lose it.

braki2 If the specialist does not communicate with the client, this feels abandoned and goes to another technician to complete makeup or – even worse – not receiving the expected results, it shows all the imperfections of permanent makeup and doing negative publicity, not only to one skilled in the art, but in general the whole sector services. My many years of experience and cooperation with the ladies that come to correction and removal of the consequences of failed procedures for the permanent makeup, allowed to observe how easily women under the influence of different people – relatives, colleagues, various online forums, casual acquaintances etc. – easily forget everything they explain even the most knowledgeable specialist. The master must have a high theoretical knowledge about the essence of permanent makeup, perfectly understand the complexity of the process of achieving good quality and be a good psychologist who controls the situation. The proper conduct of the client in order to achieve optimal quality is an integral part of our work and guarantee of ultimate success. Immediately after each treatment, we must establish a specific date for the client the control visit. Keep in mind that lead to that end the calendar. During healing, the first week we should call, ask about mood, and after 1-3 months, a reminder of the adjustment. Once every two years suggest her client refresh makeup in order to maintain its good quality.

It also happens that we carry out a sufficient number of procedures and obtain the expected result. Then, satisfied both the client and the professional. The result, however, can not be absolutely stable for several years. Depending on the characteristics of the immune system pigment is eliminated from the body faster or slower. Permanent makeup brightens and can change the color and tint. There comes a time when it is clear that permanent makeup – who so enjoyed our client, gave her confidence in different situations and greatly simplify the care of appearance for a long time – need to refresh


Sometimes women just are not enough organized to come in time for an additional correction. Sometimes, for various reasons, can not find his expert. And in this case, a specialist should carry out its role. For example, about a year after the procedure should call the client, ask what is the state of makeup, invite to the meeting. Both sides are interested in the fact that the correction was made on time. A significant loss of quality is a disaster, which lead not allowed under any circumstances! If the meeting does not take place in a timely manner, the client is dissatisfied with their appearance does not know what to do. Does it go to his technician, or rather look for a new? In the worst case, complaining about the fact that permanent makeup is not maintained, for example. 5 years doing the same negative publicity services among friends and acquaintances.

To sum up: Customers must be aware that one treatment is not enough to obtain a satisfactory result. Making two adjustments are considered to be normal all over the world. After reaching the required quality should be carefully track changes to make, which are the result of the work of the immune system, wanting to reject the dye molecules as foreign bodies. You must be prepared for it to come to his specialist every year to maintain the quality of permanent makeup, making supplementary adjustments.

Separately I appeal to beginners and practicing professionals. Modern equipment, good training, knowledge and skills in technology introduction pigment, the ability to choose the dye, taking into account the individual characteristics of the client skin – one of the elements of success. But if you’re not a good psychologist, You can not manage the situation “client – master”, it means that you are not able to be a professional permanent makeup. A true professional not only works on the skin, but the man, in our case – a woman with her mentality and all the emotions. Women want to be accepted and understood in every respect. And it is in our common interest.

The careful reader will see in this article, the answer to the question, as no special funding budding professional can help to increase the flow of new customers. The skilled practitioner can understand where his unused provisions and what should be done to each his client was a walking advertisement for him for many years.

Olga Beczek

European Beauty Concept