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cosmelan_przed_po Cosmelan is effective therapy, which helps remove blemishes while ensuring restore balance to the skin oily skin. On the European market, this procedure is offered for several years, but its effectiveness is high enough that you can get rid of stains in less than 20 days.
Therapy is tailored to the individual needs of the patient, so different is its duration.

Cosmelan is a procedure that can be performed only by your doctor.
The mechanism of action based on the use of substances that stop tyrosinase important enzyme involved a process of formation of melanin. Substances contained in cosmelanie block the action of an enzyme or reverse metabolic processes.

Cosmelan is the most effective whitening treatment available on the market, which has a very strong while maintaining safety.

The active ingredients in the formulations are:
• kojic acid,
• phytic acid,
• ascorbic acid,
• arbutin,
• retinyl palmitate

Cosmelan – course of treatment:

Cosmelan treatment is carried out in two stages.
It starts with a clean and degrease the skin, then apply a mask.
With the applied mask the patient goes home to wash off after a few hours it under running water. That’s how long the mask must be on the face depends on the types of skin, so that the time determined by your doctor. To download the mask patient by monthly applying cream cosmelan 2 according to medical advice.
During the first two days after application Cosmelanu, you may experience severe redness. This symptom also applies to people with very sensitive complexion. This Reactivity is the most natural, may also experience burning of the skin or the feeling of tension. The progress of this method, the patient has the ability to control the symptoms by applying an appropriate amount of the cream Cosmelan 2.

Discontinuation of therapy causes the discoloration return, so you do not do it. Also advise against the use of this bleaching time, and exfoliating preparations.
After the procedure should take visits, 8, 15 and 30 days after its execution.

Cosmelan – effects:

Appearance of the skin is already visible improvement week after starting treatment.
The effect depends on the type of skin. Individuals with skin autotype IV and V (dark skin) can notice the disappearance of the spots after 8-10 days. Owners skin phototype I and II, and thus blondes and szatyni bright-eyed (light skin) note the disappearance of spots between 8 and 21 days.
In most cases (99%) of discoloration are eliminated in 95% and a total effect of the treatment Cosmelan wait up to 30 days.

Cosmelan treatment – important information:

Deciding on treatment Cosmelan should know that besides the elimination of discoloration has a beneficial effect on other situations.

The treatment Cosmelan – advantages: cosmelan2

• it can be performed at any time of year, so now we do not have
hold the autumn period,
• Recommended for persons of any autotype skin
• visibly brightens, small spots: freckles, birthmarks, blemishes
solar stains, discoloration of age,
• regulates the secretion of sebum, tightens pores,
• brightens, smoothes and rejuvenates the skin.
• stimulates collagen renewal,
• quick method makes it possible to get rid of stains,
• guarantees high security.

The use of treatment COSMELAN reborn pregnant women and nursing mothers. Contraindications also apply to people suffering from active lesions on the skin, cold sores, allergies to ingredients and using drugs with vitamin A.


Price of the surgery in the study along with home therapy (cream Cosmelan 2) – 1 500,00 PLN

Price of the extra cream Cosmelan 2 – 600,00 PLN