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Cleanup is designed to prepare the skin for further stages of treatment care, increasing absorption capacity of the skin to the active substances and the stimulation of regenerative processes. Purification methods selected depending on skin condition, to a treatment, the time of day or year, or other factors, depending on the environment affecting the skin condition. Full purification treatment consisting of several steps, and each selecting a suitable formulation. During the cleaning of the skin surface are removed the remains of glandular skin (sebum, sweat), calloused skin cells and impurities dirt, dust, microbes, residual makeup and other cosmetics.

Cleansers are divided into water-based emulsions, oil-based preparations and scrubs. Ordinary hot water sufficient to remove lipophilic molecules, ie. Soluble in water. These include for example. Sweat and water-soluble mascara. Lipophilic substances, which include shadows, lipsticks, sebum, are more difficult to remove. They are removed by emulsifying a mixture of detergent and water or adsorption of oils and cosmetic flakes.

For the treatment of deep using more aggressive methods that remove the superficial horny layer of the epidermis. Although their mechanism of action and indications may differ, the purpose of the application is the same – to remove the superficial layer of the epidermis. The group of these treatments is determined by the name scrubs, from the English word peel – exfoliate. It stands out here the following types of treatments:

  • mechanical peeling , the so-called. scrub (ang. scrub, clean) is a cosmetic that contains abrasive particles, which massage your fingers or a special brush, scrape away the superficial layer of the epidermis. A variation of this peeling is dermabrasion and microdermabrasion, to carry cameras that use cosmetics.
  • Enzyme peeling involves the use of digestive enzymes of animal origin (trypsin, pepsin) or vegetable (bromelain, papain). Preparations of enzymes exfoliate the outer layer of the epidermis through the digestion of fats and proteins and intracellular binder removal.
  • Chemical peeling use of potent substances such as phenol, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, fruit acids (AHA). Because of possible adverse effects, some of these treatments can be performed only under medical supervision.
  • Peeling Physical to exfoliation using high-energy lasers or cryotherapy, ie. liquid nitrogen. During the procedure, followed by denaturation of the surface layer of tissue, and then the peel.


Manual cosmetic facial cleansing without wapozonu

The modern method of treatment of all skin types, thanks to its natural form rozpulchniania skin does not cause warm the skin and does not damage the

intercellular. The procedure is less painful and leaves no redness. It is recommended especially for people with strong seborrhea, acne the dermatological treatment for people with dilated blood vessels for sensitive skin and allergies. It may be performed with ultrasound.


We prepare Natural Gel. We put on the face (thin covering layer).
Natural penetration of the formulation into the deeper layers of the skin may cause
a slight tingling. We leave for 20-25mins.
The use of ultrasound may shorten rozpulchniania.


After this time, remove the excess Natural Gel and cleanse the face. If the skin cleansing rise inflammation or Prick change the needle, it should be at this place we put crystal Plantominerałów . Immediately cuts antiseptic, astringent, wyciągająco.

After purification we perform mechanical peeling,

We put the mask properly matched to your skin type

Purification face recommended that for approximately four weeks (depending on the depth of the applied treatment):

  • Avoid the sun,
  • Avoid too high and too low temperature – saunas or frost
  • use creams with high UVA and UVB
  • wash the face with mild
  • Avoid cosmetics with a strong irritant

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