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tw PEELING is the removal of cosmetic defects and / or lesions located within the skin or epidermis and dermis. Other terms peeling are: abrasion, exfoliation, chemabrazja, ablation, chemeksfoliacja.

Due to the depth of action we can be divided superficial peels – within the epidermis; średniogłębokie – covering the entire epidermis and upper layer of the skin and deep – reaching to the deeper layers of the skin. The deeper peeling the greater the risk of side effects such as. Discoloration, scarring, infections (eg. Herpes).

The division peels due to the type includes mechanical treatments – skin abrasion using discs corundum or diamond or corundum crystals (microdermabrasion) ,; Physical – carried out using a laser (CO2, Er: YAG), liquid nitrogen, nitrous oxide; Chemicals (chemabrazja);

Chemical peeling is a procedure which consists in applying to the skin suitably chosen mixture of chemical compounds in the specified concentration. These substances penetrate deep into the skin and affect remodeling of collagen and elastin, which are supportive factors in the skin. Thus, a series of peels affects the skin renewal and skin, as well as a rejuvenating effect eliminating signs of aging skin: discoloration, fine lines and other imperfections.

Indications for chemical peels:

  1. Pigmented lesions: freckles, melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, lentigo
  2. Sun damage: -rogowacenie Solar
  3. The damage associated with aging: wrinkles, loss of firmness
  4. Scars
  5. comedonica acne, maculopapular pustular
  6. Stretch marks Skin
  7. keratosis disorders: dry skin, actinic przymieszkowe.

Contraindications :

  • Exposure of the skin to the sun (very sunny summer)
  • skin allergies
  • active herpes
  • The tendency to develop keloids
  • state after surgery of the face (up to 2 months)
  • pregnancy, breastfeeding,
  • Numerous signs of melanocytes
  • Numerous telangiectasia
  • state after cryotherapy (for 6 months)
  • autoimmune diseases (collagen, pemphigus)
  • irritated skin, damage (erosions, przeczosy, abrasions)
  • severe forms of acne (many pustules, cysts) – require prior pharmacological treatment
  • oral therapy vitamin derivatives. A (Roaccutane) – requires at least a six-month break

qualification and preparation for surgery:

  • for each type of peeling is made by a doctor
  • medical history (it includes completed and existing diseases, allergies, previous medical beauty treatments, medications and other)
  • study dermatological
  • determine the patient’s expectations (smoothing wrinkles, removing acne scars, discoloration, etc.)
  • the week before peeling do not use hair removal, electrolysis, waxing, abrasive sponges, dermabrasion, retinoids and preparations irritating to the skin, tan skin, apply self-tanning agents.
  • men should not shave the day of surgery,

General recommendation after chemical peeling:

  • ban tanning for 4 weeks
  • it is advisable to use creams with SPF sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30
  • ban on the use of creams with AHA for 14 days,
  • makeup can be applied a few hours after surgery (preferably 24 hours)
  • absolute prohibition scratching exfoliation of the skin
  • indicated an intense moisturizing of the skin

Side effects and complications:

  • persistent facial erythema – redness of the skin usually passes in a few days after surgery,
  • perioral dermatitis,
  • activation of herpes (in carriers of the virus HSV-1)
  • transient pigmentation disorders – especially in those with underlying discolorations that do not use sunscreen or who scraping exfoliating epidermis.

Type peels

Due to the depth of penetration distinguished peels shallow, intermediate and deep deep. Shallow peels are performed in beauty salons. They remove dead skin cells, smooth body and give a feeling of freshness. Much more advanced medium depth peels and deep may be performed only by a trained physician.

What gives?

Thanks to the action of peels that improves the skin and in the case of medium and deep peels also improving the dermis. As a result of the surgery it is more smooth and elastic, wrinkles are shallower, and enlarged pores and blackheads removed.

In addition to the components of exfoliating, peeling medical also contain other active ingredients which are able to interact with acidic activity. They reduce hyperkeratosis, help remove blemishes, regulate sebum production and affect remodeling of collagen and elastin. For every problem there is a properly selected preparation.

The most commonly used peels:

Retises CT –phase peeling for mature skin, dull, with plenty of wrinkles and pigmented spots. First, the vitamin C is applied, and then applied a mask of retinol and lactic acid. As a result, removes dead skin cells, stimulates cell renewal and protein synthesis, increased moisture levels.

Indications: photoaging, hyperpigmentation, melasma, striae

TCA – 25% or 40% of tri chloroacetic acid designed for the safe disposal of flint layers of the epidermis without disturbing the structure of the dermis. Exfoliation process begins 2-3 days and lasts for 2-3 days (in the meantime, to stay at home). After this period, followed by intense cell regeneration, leading to skin regeneration. The effects of a clear rejuvenation and skin lightening, elimination of acne scars and discoloration, shortness or removing wrinkles.

Cosmelan – a new generation, currently the most effective therapy allows you to get rid of pigmentation of various types, even those of hormonal origin. It gives the skin smoothness and radiance, and oily and combination restores the balance. Safe. It can be used at any time of the year.

Glycolic acid – exfoliating gel with a content of 70% glycolic acid. It has keratolytic action. He renews, rejuvenates, evens out skin tone. It makes small wrinkles are reduced (especially around the mouth and eyes), and in some cases disappear.

Recommendations : skin aging (fine lines), hyperkeratosis, stretch marks, scars, acne vulgaris.

Acid almond – exfoliating gel containing 50% almond acid with a bacteriostatic effect. Cleanses, regulates sebum production, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, lightens discolorations, a bacteriostatic effect.

Recommendations : aging, acne, folliculitis.

Enerpeel SA – a chemical peel for acne treatment comedonic and inflammation. Synergistic effects of three active ingredients affects the marked improvement in inflammatory and non-inflammatory typical acne lesions: blackheads, pustules and papules. The result is a marked reduction in seborrhea and smoothing the skin.

Indications for chemical peels:

  • aging skin, fine wrinkles
  • lesions of the skin (plain acne, rosacea in remission)
  • scars (including acne)
  • discoloration
  • blackheads, enlarged pores,
  • hyperkeratosis of skin
  • as the perfect preparation for surgery laser photorejuvenation (significantly enhances its effects).

Qualification for surgery:

After determining the patient’s expectations, the physician collects medical history and diagnoses the condition of his skin. On this basis decides the qualifications for the surgery and the type of peeling and its concentration.

Before surgery:

A few days before treatment should be discontinued potent creams for example. With sulfur oxide retinol or benzoyl. The skin should not be irritated, so avoid hair removal products (creams, wax). Men do not need to shave a few hours before the procedure.

After surgery:

Immediately after the procedure to avoid high temperatures, intense exercise for at least a month since the last scrub Do not use sun bathing (especially important for people prone to discoloration). During this period it is recommended that daily use of sunscreen (at least SPF 30). Do not use creams containing AHAs for 2 weeks. To maintain and peeling effect, you can use creams with vitamin. C 2x a day.

before and after


Price list of procedures:

Almond Peeling 30%
150,00 PLN
Almond Peeling 50%
200,00 PLN
GlycolicPeeling (GlykoPeel) 30%
180,00 PLN
Glycolic Peeling (GlykoPeel) 50%
200,00 PLN
Pyruvic Peeling 30%
180,00 PLN
Pyruvic Peeling 50%
200,00 PLN
Retises CT
250,00 PLN
High Potency Peel (HPP)
200,00 PLN
Peeling TCA 15%, 25%, 35%
250,00 PLN
Cosmo Peel
300,00 PLN
Yellow Peel
400,00 PLN
Alpha-Beta Peeling
200,00 PLN
Enerpeel EL 3,5% TCA – eyelids and lips
200,00 PLN
Red Peel (peeling + LED therapy)
200,00 PLN
Green Peel
250,00 PLN