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imagesCADI4HTL New system for deep skin and its regeneration without side effects. This procedure consists of cleansing the skin by ultrasonic waves thus allows the precise removal of excess sebum from the pores and hair follicles, getting rid of calloused skin, blackheads, blackheads and bacteria. Ultrasonic peeling as the system works to the skin gently through a pleasant, natural vibration without the use of electricity. This device allows for deep skin regeneration through rapid and effective for renewal and groom at great depth, resulting in – marked in a visible manner – the skin renewed and refreshed. It is a painless procedure usually perceived as pleasant. Cavitation has positive effects also on deeper layers of the epidermis, is a good introduction to further beauty treatments.

The course of treatment
The treatment consists of two stages.

  • first is the purification of dead skin cells.
  • second , however, is to stimulate micro-circulation of the skin and remove the impurities and toxins.

Before performing cavitation peeling, use the remove jewelry and put protective peignoir . Beautician removes makeup and face swab moistened with water or saline. The skin must be properly hydrated that there was a cavitation effect, because during the procedure it should be constantly moist.

What is the treatment?
For the procedure used camera produces ultrasonic waves , ended with a special spatula to move the damp skin. Cosmetic sets the appropriate intensity (average power used to face up to 1 MHz) and move the spatula, eg. In the face, performing at the same time gentle, but deep massage . During the entire process, the skin is constantly moistened, thus creating its microscopic bubbles, in which there is a pressure differential. These bubbles under the influence of ultrasound burst, release heat, pressure increases and the effect of this small implosion is break down dead skin cells.

Strengthening effect
It should be a peeling kawitacyjnemu just before other body treatments . Skin after such a treatment process is in fact properly prepared, smooth and open to the adoption of nutrients, which then penetrate deeper into the skin.

The frequency depends on the type of skin
For dry skin , which does not require frequent cleaning, peeling cavitation in combination with eg. Using ampoules and algae mask, just follow the every 21-28 days . So much in fact takes full regeneration and renewal of the epidermis. The effect of beautiful looking skin can sustain so, performing one treatment per month . In the case major skin problems eg. Oily, seborrheic and heavily contaminated treatment perform well even once a week using a cavitation treatment in addition to the manual cleansing the skin.

Cavitation and other treatments
Cavitation peeling can be safely combined with simultaneous application serums, masks and various types of acids . When performing the surgery can also be used microdermabrasion . Because cavitation is primarily purifier and can be combined with active substances , making it additionally get deep moisturizing effect. Cavitation peeling can also be done once, and its another advantage is no side effects and the fact that it can be performed at any time of the year.

The first effects
The effect of cavitation peeling is instant . Even after the first treatment the skin is smooth, radiant, without irritation and can breathe freely. In addition to freshness, skin becomes improve circulation , as a result of dotleniającego, moisturizing and rejuvenating micro-massage ultrasonic waves. As a result, the skin stimulates your cells, forcing them to natural regeneration. Better oxygenation causes becomes more rosy , which looks healthier and younger.

The customers in offices and beauty salons confirmed visible effects immediately after the treatment. The black dots on the nose (called. Blackheads) mostly disappear, the complexion appears to be thoroughly cleansed, soft and pleasant to the touch . During the procedure, the ladies feel pleasant gentle massage. Additional enrichment procedure facials, eg. From algae will deepen the effect, after which the skin appears soft and supple. For many women peeling Cavitation is pure relaxation. The treatment also allows you to prepare your skin for this, in order to better absorb applied creams and conditioners. But these are not the only advantages of cavitation peeling.


Pros visible after some time:

  • regeneration of the skin and facial muscles
  • precise removal of dead cells
  • lighten discoloration and pigmentation spots
  • shortness of scars
  • removal of excess sebum, bacteria and toxic substances and leftover cosmetics
  • deep moisturizing
  • assist in the treatment of acne through its sterilizing action
  • improve blood and lymph circulation (removal of bags under the eyes)
  • breaking down fat molecules, increasing the effectiveness of anti-cellulite and firming treatments
  • sterilization of the skin
  • accelerating and increasing the absorption of skin care
  • support the production of collagen and elastin
  • rejuvenation, refreshment and regeneration

Treatment price 150 PLN