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ClickHandler.ashx3 Caring for their attractive appearance from the beginning of its existence was the main cause that encourage people to pay larger or smaller sacrifices. Since forever because ozdabialiśmy your body to please others, and at the same time to fit in a better mood. Over the years much on this issue has changed. Before you decide on having the earring, see how the body piercing is done, as well as explore the kinds of piercings.

Body Piercing
Tradition body piercing is very long, it is one of the first ways to decorate. Already thousands of years ago a man tried to put a piece of jewelry owned by themselves permanently in the body. About how much extreme can be even nose piercing we find familiarizing themselves with the culture of tribes living far from civilization. Every day we meet mostly with piercings in the nose, eyebrow or tongue. Much less frequently there are people who opt for other types of piercings . Regardless of whether you choose to set up the earrings Body in the breast, or whether we want only pierced ears surgery in both cases will be looked almost identical. It is quite simple, because it consists of the parts of the body piercing needle and inserting the resulting hole earring.

Type Piercing
Customer can be many types of body piercing, which are used in different earrings Piercing . Piercing variety stands out above all taking into account the part of the body, which we submit piercing.

Treatment piercing body, ie. “ Piercing ” is a deliberate interruption of tissue, which has given rise to a small skin wounds, which the competent healing depends greatly on proper care and the behavior of specific hygiene rules. Below are the comments and recommendation, which should be used after surgery performed:

  • Eyebrow
  • Nose
  • Tongue
  • Navel
  • Lip


After the surgery can lead to a fine of bleeding, redness and swelling of varying extent around the puncture site.

  • Each wound is associated with the risk of infection. Until fully healed, avoid contact places pierced with potential sources of infection, eg. With strangers secretions or body fluids.
  • The newly founded earring allowed to touch only recently with unwashed hands.
  • Pollution or forms a scab should be removed only by using disinfectant liquids, then clearing around a wound antiseptic (eg. Octanisept).
  • While washing the wound advised to move slightly worn an earring. Pin or earring should be rotated several times in one day.
  • In the case pzrekłucia made inside the mouth lips or tongue – it is necessary to rinse the mouth with antiseptic liquids or herbs (eg. sage, chamomile). Rinsing the mouth, it is necessary after every meal.
  • Freshly made puncture should be twice daily submitted to an appropriate care (cleaning liquid antiseptic, moving adornment).
  • In addition to moving pierced piercing channel, do not take any other manipulation of the puncture site until it is fully healed.
  • pin or earring, do not pull out too early because it generated within the language of the holes tend to very rapid overgrowth.
  • In case of swelling of the mouth should suck an ice cube (eg., prepared an infusion of sage, chamomile tea). Significant swelling of the tongue is maintained from 3 to 5 days. After two weeks you can replace a shorter stick.
  • The healing should take between 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the size of ornaments.
  • If you notice abnormal wound healing or possible complications should immediately contact a dermatologist.


Meticulous care is a prerequisite for adequate wound healing and protects pierced stand before all sorts of complications.
Ears + Earring – 35,00 PLN
Nose + earring – 65,00 PLN
Navel – 55,00 PLN
The navel + earring – 55,00 PLN + price earring