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What causes wrinkles? azzalure_big kopia

When you laugh, frown, your focus or keep you up eyes, muscles shrink, causing the formation of wrinkles and lines. Over the years, the skin loses elasticity, wrinkles begin to deepen and remain permanently present on the face. The lines between the eyebrows may be particularly visible, making you look bad or tired, even if it is not.

What are the available treatments for facial wrinkles?

Appearance very clear wrinkles can be improved by subjecting them to surgery, injection of filling products or medications such as botulinum toxin type A, or combining some of these methods. The decision to choose the most appropriate method depends on your location, the type and depth of wrinkles.

What is the treatment with botulinum toxin?

Botulinum toxin type A is a naturally occurring bacterial protein. Small doses of this substance are injected under the skin to the muscles undergoing surgery to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. This substance blocks nerve impulses, allowing relaxation of the muscles responsible for wrinkles. Other features nerve – such as skin sensitivity to touch – do not change.
The treatment involves 5 injections above and between the eyebrows. This is accompanied by minimal discomfort and a daily routine can return very quickly after surgery.

How long does the effect of botulinum toxin for wrinkles gładzizny?

The first signs of botulinum toxin will be visible after 2-3 days after surgery. The effect is always operating injection and lasts about four months, and sometimes longer. The term following the procedure depends on the duration of the previous treatment of the effects of the individual patient. You should not carry out further operations more frequently than every 3 months.


Wrinkles beetwen eyebrows (“lion”) + Wrinkles (whole face) – 600 PLN
Wrinkles beetwen eyebrows (“lion”) + Wrinkles (entire forehead) + wrinkles around the eyes (“crow’s feet”) – PLN 649
Removing wrinkles with Azzalure

Price [PLN]
Wrinkles beetwen eyebrows “lion”
Transverse forehead wrinkles
Wrinkles (entire forehead)
Wrinkles around the eyes “crow’s feet”
Hyperhidrosis: armpit
from 1 200,00
Hyperhidrosis: hands
from 1 200,00