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Safe body contouring with long-term effect

What is Aquafilling® Bodyline?

Aquafilling® Bodyline is an innovative preparation filler, which is used for modeling and contouring of the body (enlarging breasts and buttocks, shoulders modeling and correction of soft tissue imperfections).

Aquafilling® Bodyline a hydrophilic gel which consists of 98% saline and 2% polyamide.

What are the indications for use Aguafilling® Bodyline?

  • to increase volume and improve the shape of breasts
  • breast asymmetry
  • correction of defects breasts, for example. alignment defects after surgery,
  • correction of shape and size of the buttocks
  • correction of defects buttocks, for example. deformation postoperative
  • buttocks asymmetry, congenital disproportion
  • “flat buttocks”
  • correction of soft tissue defects of various etiology, eg. after liposuction.

How long does the effect of the treatment using Aquafilling®bodyline?

The effect persists for at least 5 years.
The final result can be observed as early as 7 days after surgery (when the swelling will disappear and the absorption of the solution administered as a local anesthetic).

How long does the procedure take?

The procedure takes about half an hour.

Is the anesthesia is given?
The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Anesthesia is the skin at the injection site. Additionally, for the comfort of the patient to the preparation Aquafilling® Bodyline is added to the anesthetic.

How deep is injected preparation Aquafilling® Bodyline?
Preparation Aquafilling® Bodyline is injected into the soft tissue, according to the techniques elaborated administration using a needle or cannula, which minimizes the risk of injury during surgery.

When after the surgery can return to daily activities?
This procedure is a low-invasive, and therefore the patient returns home after treatment. A daily routine can return already 24 hours after surgery. The recovery period is very short and painless. In the absence of the surgical incision is reduced to a minimum risk of scarring and keloids.

What are the contraindications for surgery?
Indications and contraindications for surgery using Aquafilling® Bodyline are discussed individually with the patient. The procedure can perform only a doctor who has CERTIFICATE completion of training with the preparation Aquafilling® Bodyline.

Aquafilling® Bodyline should not be used in people who: have problems with blood clotting, suffer from severe and chronic somatic diseases, cancer, infection and inflammation of the skin, intolerant or have allergies to certain medications, are in the process of menstruation.

Before the surgery, the doctor presents the estimated effect, which depends on the individual characteristics of the patient’s anatomy. The patient remains the responsibility of selecting the correct technique.

What are the recommendations postoperative?
After the treatment, which is very minimally invasive, the patient may change the dressing isolated using daily for 6-7 days usual formulation disinfectant and sterile slice. It is important to exercise extreme caution and great care with the place of administration. It is very important to not wash with tap water injection site for 5-7 days.

In addition, the patient is recommended: wearing lingerie modeling for 3-4 weeks after surgery, performing a gentle massage surrounding the treated by a doctor, avoiding pressure on the treated area, avoiding exercises that are related to the tightening of the muscle groups, avoid sleeping on your stomach (in the case of breast augmentation), no use of the sauna and solarium for the first month of treatment.

The patient should report a check-up visit with your doctor.

Advantages Aquafiling® Bodyline?

  • minimally invasive surgery – quick return to daily activities.
  • natural look – as opposed to the implant formulation is imperceptible to the touch and are not visible contours of the occurrence of the formulation.
  • long-lasting – at least 5 years.
  • safe for the body.

Effects before and after

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