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Aptos Excellence is a revolutionary method armirowania face and body using bioabsorbable thread Caprolace

Threads Caprolace absorbed within 360 days. One component of the thread is polylactic acid (L-lactic), which also produces a rejuvenating effect, activating the natural regeneration of the skin and slowing the aging process.

Aptos rejuvenation methods have been invented 16 years ago and to this day are systematically developed, offering a wide range of opportunities to correct ptosis – drooping soft tissues, restoring their original position. Areas with thin skin or thin layer of fat require more delicate and careful preparation.

With our vast experience in implanting threads and accumulated knowledge in carrying out research on the technology of Aptos, we could develop an absolutely amazing product to armirowania face, body and delicate areas – Aptos Excellence .


We have improved by modifying the structure of the strand thickness mikrowypustów, their placement along the thread and mounting angle. These changes have made the thread strong, and their application more effective. In addition, we have created a new type of suture knots, designed to armirowania areas of the face and body with a very delicate and thin skin where fat is insufficient

The immediate result

The effects are seen immediately after surgery. The skin becomes more elastic and smooth. Over time progresses and the effect lasts for up to two years with a shorter healing time.

Minimum interference

For the first time traumatyczność treatment was limited to a minimum; Correction entire face can be carried out by 1 point (injection), which does not leave any marks on the skin. Minikaniule of bezurazowym end, developed specifically for the series of threads Excellence penetrate through tissue without damaging them.

Longer 15 cm of thread allow you to insert the needle on the border of the hairline, making invisible the injection site immediately after treatment.


The effect visual treatment can be comparable with traditional surgical intervention, but the technique Treatment is as simple as injection technique in aesthetic medicine. Moreover, it is extremely economical, as one package Excellence thread Visage allows optimally develop all the cheeks on both sides of the face (a total of 20 lines).


Aptos methods are designed for both men and women, accustomed to an active lifestyle, do not accept lengthy recovery period after surgery rejuvenating.

Excellence Body

bioabsorbable suture mikrowypustkami rejuvenation.
We are very pleased to announce that the program Aptos threads of absorbable threads joined Excellence Body treatments and modeling lifting and rejuvenation of the body. Unlike other threads appearing on the market for the purpose of revitalizing the body, Body Excellence Aptos thread are used primarily to liftingowania, ie. Lift tissues. This is due to the unique, patented typical for Excellence Visage (awarded the Pearl of Aesthetic Dermatology 2013 in the category of “non-surgical facelift”) projections, which guarantee excellent adhesion in tissues – although they are placed in a straight line, through which move tissue by guiding them the correct position. Within 1-1.5 years after implantation thread completely dissolve releasing the polylactic acid, which further revitalizing body and strengthens the structure. Lifting effect lasts approximately two years.

Threads body Excellence implanted in an extremely friendly, not only for patients, but also doctor method by blunt cannulas without traumatizing tissue, only the points of injection, without hatching. 25 cm length of each strand (10 pack) enables economic adaptation to the needs of each area of surgical procedures, ie lifting the inside of the arms and thighs, smoothing the folds nadkolanowych and raising, modeling and thickening of the breast, like. The treatments are simple to implement, secure, not traumatyzują tissues and guarantee the satisfaction of patients struggling with loss of firmness, precipitation tissue and a decrease in litter fat aforementioned / in areas where it is often impossible to propose an effective minimally invasive surgical alternatives.


Obszary zabiegowe: wewnętrzna strona ud, wewnętrzna strona ramion, brzuch, biust

Areas of treatment: the inner thighs, inner side of the arms, abdomen, breasts

This thread is specifically designed for rejuvenation, with special emphasis on the structure of the skin and subcutaneous tissue.

Application of long – 20 cm of thread from mikrowypustami allows the spatial armirowanie (creating a kind of woven network) skin flabby areas where prevention against falling of soft tissue and skin – antiptosis – is particularly desirable.

The use of threads Aptos Body Excellence strengthens the tissue, making them more elastic and smooth, improving their quality, which is particularly recommended for thick skins or occupied areas of cellulite.

Excellence Contour

bioabsorbable suture knots rejuvenation


Obszary zabiegowe: okolice oczu, okolice ust, podbródek, szyja, dekolt

Areas of treatment: around the eyes, around the mouth, chin, neck, decolletage

The new type of thread is thinner than traditional threads Aptos and has a special shape for the shape of knots instead of mikrowypustów. These special bundles protect the thread from slipping, securing it in soft tissue.
This method is indicated for the correction changes caused as a result of age especially in the delicate area of the eyes, mouth, neck and shoulders, but also can be successfully used in any treatment area of the body.

Contour Threads stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen (neocollagenesis) and the process of formation of new blood vessels (neoangiogenesis), and create fibrous tissue additionally secure the skin in place.

Excellence Elegance

bioabsorbable suture mikrowypustkami to armirowania soft tissue

Areas of treatment: face, neck, abdomen, inner thighs, inner arms page

Elegance is a non-surgical treatment of the face or body type Light Lift (traditionally arranged mikrowypustami), performed to correct the changes resulting from the effects of aging. This technique as the first of Aptos methods allow for armirowanie soft tissue.

Bioabsorbable thread with mikrowypustami is implanted subcutaneously in soft tissue through the minimum number of points of injection, by a special needle guide, and then discharged at the right point.

The amount of the implanted thread and implantation schema is individually selected by the doctor depending on the patient’s skin indicated treatment area.

Excellence Visage

bioabsorbable suture mikrowypustkami rejuvenation.


Obszary zabiegowe: brwi, obszar kości policzkowej, żuchwa, szyja
Areas of treatment: eyebrows, the area of the cheekbone, jaw, neck
Visage is a precursor of minimally invasive aesthetic medicine treatments. introduced by cannulas threads are equipped with a special, new types of projections which are fixed against each other, forming a spiral around the thread. Each individual projection is directed in the opposite direction to the previous one, which allows firm seating on hipodermie grouping tissue at each micro-section strands. Longer 15 cm of thread allow you to adjust all areas of the face and adapted the technique of implantation and properly designated vectors allow us to effectively fight even with so your critical signs of aging like. “Hamsters”. Drop point we do or inconspicuous spot on the border of the hairline, or on the extension line of the eye.

Each set, ie. The cannula along with being within 15 cm thread with a new type mikrowypustów, enough for 2 subcutaneous passage (lines), and thus the whole package allows a total zaimplantować thread in 10 lines on both sides of the face.