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What is Sculptra ™?


Sculptra ™ is the most effective known in aesthetic medicine preparation stimulates the production of collagen. Its main ingredient is L-polylactic acid, whose action visibly improves skin quality and restores lost facial volume. The task of Sculptra ™ is not only temporary filling of wrinkles, but improvement in skin texture and a natural lifting or lifting sagging parts of the face. The preparation restores the youthful shape of the cheeks, fills the nasolabial folds, the so-called applied within the area. “Hamsters” or falling chin makes flabby areas are filled, and the skin stretched.


How does Sculptra ™?


Sculptra ™ is a gradual improvement in the appearance of the skin and progressive effect of restoring volume. The effect of treatment is visible in a few weeks. At that time, L-polylactic acid, the main ingredient of the product, stimulates the production of collagen, regenerating and lifting the skin and creating for the stage.

With the gradual action Sculptry ™ lesions on the face which is the result of administration are perceived by the environment as a natural result of relaxed face and are not associated with the surgery.


Is the treatment Sculptra ™ is for everyone?


General contraindications for dermatological treatments that pregnancy and breastfeeding period, prone to hypertrophic scarring, viral and bacterial infections on his face and autoimmune diseases.


At what age can perform the procedure Sculptra ™?


Research on aging suggests that all patients older than 30 years are characterized by varying degrees of loss of fat tissue in the nasal – labial, temporal and posterior cheek. Such symptoms are indicated for use in the preparation Sculptra ™. It is also a good treatment for younger patients who feel aesthetic discomfort. The application of L-polylactic has the character of preventive and slow down the aging process.


How is the treatment Sculptra ™?


Sculptra ™ can be administered by a qualified physician. Therapy is preceded by a medical consultation, during which a doctor qualifies for the procedure, determines where to specify preparation and shall determine the treatment plan.

The procedure lasts approx. 20 – 30 minutes, and involves the application of the preparation to the correct parties
face. Puncture, performed with thin needles are almost painless. For fear of discomfort, your doctor may numb the face before surgery. After completion of the surgery, the doctor rubs his face in administration of the product to its proper distribution.

What are the indications postoperative?


After the treatment should be regularly massaged his face. The doctor will indicate massage place individually and determine its frequency.
For a few days after the procedure to avoid exposure to the sun and other sources of UV radiation, cryotherapy comprehensive and do not use the sauna.


After surgery, Sculptra ™ can be side effects?


As with other treatments, application Sculptra ™ can have side effects such as bleeding, pain, redness, hematoma or slight swelling at the injection site. The symptoms disappear within 2-6 days.

Before the surgery, the doctor will discuss in detail issues related to the safety of applying the preparation Sculptra ™.
How long do the effects of the treatment Sculptra ™?


The full result is visible after a few weeks of treatment. At the time
Sculptra ™ stimulates the production of collagen, regenerates and improves the lifting skin.

Typically, in order to achieve the full effect, treatment should be repeated two or three times, but it happens that a good result will give a one-time treatment.

Durability of this person to person, which depends on the stage
aging, genetic predisposition and lifestyle. In many cases, good results are maintained even up to 25 months.

The long-term effect of the treatment Sculptra ™


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Natural effects of the treatment

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